A female prisoner has committed suicide in Gohardasht prison to escape from inhumane treatments and tortures …

Female suicide of a prisoner in the notorious prison Gohardasht



According to reports received, “Human Rights and Democracy in Iran” a female prisoner in Karaj Prison Escape by medieval conditions can be suicide. First Monday December a woman called Leila in prison for women Gohardasht prison escape Vazarha annoyed by the conditions governing the medieval prison for a few times is for men will commit suicide.


Delay and lack of transport and lack of timely medical care is called that led to his death has been. Killings and suicides in prisons, especially the supreme leader Gohardasht prison has become a common practice almost every week in different sections of the reports of murder Looks or suicidal prisoners.


That prisoners are deprived of their basic legal rights such as having food, medical care, lack the necessary space density explosive as prisoners confined in very small environments, sometimes three to four times the capacity of the place where prisoners are tortured, anti-human like breaking arms and legs and teeth and the intercostal and other organs of prisoners, brutal and degrading way to other stuff does not remain imprisoned except suicide.


Human Rights and Democracy in Iran, creating conditions and limitations of the medieval main cause of suicide and murder of defenseless prisoners and prisoners in jail are sentenced to and from the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other international bodies called for an end to the silence that had to kill large numbers of prisoners in Iran has also called for practical steps to end crimes against humanity in prisons is supreme.


Equal to the first Persian date Azar 1389 November 22, 2010 The above report was submitted to the following organizations:

High Commissioner for Human Rights

EU Europe Human Rights Commission

Amnesty International, UN Special Rapporteur on Women’s International Mthdf



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