Help Stop the Global Pediatric AIDS Epidemic

The AIDS epidemic began over 25 years ago, and the disease continues to prey upon millions of children around the world. Over 2.3 million children are HIV–positive, with more than 400,000 children becoming newly infected with HIV / AIDS each year.

This disease affects non–infected children as well—many are left orphaned or grow up in communities overwhelmed by the disease. These children are at increased risk of poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, disease and early death without proper care and support.

As HIV / AIDS continues to take its toll, the disease is also impeding progress in health care, education and quality of life.

World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1st each year around the world. It has become one of the most recognized international health days and a key opportunity to raise awareness, commemorate those who have passed on, and celebrate victories such as increased access to treatment and prevention services.

This World AIDS Day, pledge to stand for programs that provide care and education for millions of HIV–positive children, as well as those who are orphaned by the disease and those who are living with infected caregivers.

Sign the pledge and make a stand for life-saving education programs that teach adolescents and young adults about HIV prevention and communities about the harmful stigmas surrounding the disease. These stigmas, and the discrimination they produce, remain a considerable barrier to testing, treatment and prevention.

By taking action, you are supporting a global movement to care for the victims of this disease and to halt its devastation.


I pledge to do what I can to stop HIV / AIDS in children

I want to help create a world in which no child has HIV / AIDS

For World AIDS Day, I pledge to stand in support of programs that address the most urgent needs:

–Prevention of mother–to–child transmission through testing and treatment of pregnant women;

–Providing pediatric HIV/AIDS treatment;

–Preventing infection among young people; and

–Protecting and supporting children affected by HIV/AIDS.

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