Former Death Row Inmate Nanon Williams Ordered Released from Prison





Friends in the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement sent an email out this Thanksgiving Day with news about Nanon Williams:

Abolition Movement member Lucha Rodriguez just received a phone call from Morris Moon, one of several attorneys for former death row prisoner Nanon Williams and he told her that Federal Judge Nancy Atlas has today ordered Nanon released from prison.

On August 17 Judge Atlas held a de novo on Nanon’s case on the issue of ineffective assistance of counsel.  (A couple of TMN members from Austin attended the hearing with many of Nanon’s family and supporters in Houston to show support.) Now, the state of Texas has 30 days to appeal this ruling by Judge Atlas.

To appeal, they would have to go to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.  But it was the 5th Circuit that ordered Nanon’s case sent back to the Federal District Court for a de novo hearing.  So, to us who are not lawyers, it seems unlikely the 5th Circuit would deny Atlas’ ruling.

Nanon was only 17 years old when he was arrested for capital murder in 1992.  He was on Texas death row until the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed the execution of juveniles in 2005.  Nanon is now 36 years old and at the Ramsey Unit south of Houston serving a life sentence.

All Abolition Movement members and supporters should get ready for a WELCOME HOME CELEBRATION FOR NANON!!

More details to come after the shock wears off and we speak more with attorneys and Nanon.

In the last month—Anthony Graves, Claude Jones, and now Nanon Williams.


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