Michelle Obama Hires Gay Rights Superstar as Spokeswoman

I love people who fight for gay rights. What I love even more than that is when those people go on to assume powerful positions in the world. And what’s more powerful than the White House? We need as many homo-friendly supporters and advocates as can be squeezed into that place.

And maybe Michelle Obama gets that, because she just hired a new spokeswoman with an extensive background in LGBT activism. The new hire, Kristina Schake, co-founded the American Foundation for Equal Rights last year. The organization was formed in order to file a federal court lawsuit against Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Sure, it has been reported that she was hired for her work on obesity and children’s health, but I’m hoping that the gay rights issue on her resume helped her cause. I mean, the woman wrote about women’s and gay rights for the Huffington Post in January. They wouldn’t have hired her if they didn’t like her pro-gay stance, right?

“Kristina was instrumental in the conception of the American Foundation for Equal Rights and she’s played a key role  in every strategic success we’ve had as an organization,” says Chad H. Griffin, president of the board for the American Foundation for Equal Rights.  “She’s one of the most intelligent and valuable resources the equality movement has ever seen. We’re sad to see her go but, are extremely proud of where she’s headed.”

Schake starts November 30th and that’s when the White House gets just a little gayer.



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