My view on the death penalty – Poems by a 13 year old girl

A Man’s final days

I know he’s there
counting the seconds
his thoughts are bare
forever I recon

one day he will be called
he knows his fate
walks down that hall
he has an execution date

An innocent man
to lose his life
his parents his children
his family his wife

the gurney is there
he has many questions
he won’t
have time to ask them
as he will die from lethal injection

it’s no releif
death isn’t the way
it just brings us greif
a man has lives his final days

some men are innocent
though thats not the case for all
though the doc are adamant
that their men will fall

not all of the men are guilty
some of the men have lied
no matter what their conviction
no man deserves to die

a life for a life
a pointless waste of existance
we can rid the world of this strife
with a little persistance

The other side

He’s thought about it
a billion times
to pass the time
he will fantasize

An innocent man
walking free
his previous hell
a memory

switching his jimpsuit
for his old blue jeans
nobody quite knows
just what that will mean

trade in his number
for his old name
earn a good living
so much to gain

The natural sunlight
beats down on his skin
the thought of freedom
enlightens him

the gates open before him
the world awaits
he is now free
to roam the states

his daydream is shattered
with one loud bang
a warning shot is fired
followed by a clang

He sucks in his gut
hides his fears
and faces reallity
he will die in here


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