Problems for the men on Death Row at Parchman Mississippi

The New Year has brought more problems on Death Row in Mississippi. The men have been moved from Unit 32 to unit 29 in accordance with the agreement between MDOC and the ACLU. The move itself seems to have gone well, but now there is a major problem with radio and television signals on the unit. The men are only able to view very fleetingly. Mississippi does allow it’s DR inmates to own a television and/or radio, but they must be paid for by friends/family and are certainly not good value for money, and even less so if the men can’t even use them.

We are asking for people to contact DC Sparkman, at Parchman and make him ‘aware’ that the outside world does know about this dreadful lack of foresight.

Please inundate Parchman prison with calls complaining about this very basic need that needs to be addressed at the earliest convenience, with the knowledge the calls will continue, until this issue is addressed.

Thank you for all your love and support last year, we look forward to new and interesting challenges this year, that together we can try to right.

In love, peace and solidarity – Road2Justice


Author – Road2Justice


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