Go Home Sarah Palin for The Sake Of Your Children

Sarah Palin I have got to nominate you for worse mother of the last decade. 2000-2009.  You sacrificed and ignored your children for fame and power.  I feel sorry for them.  I feel nothing for you. You want everyone to ignore your children just like you do?  Any other mother with this track record would be declared an unfit mother. For God’s sake,  Go Home Sarah and save your children.

While you expanded your dreams of being in politics, counsel woman, mayor and VP your children had/have no guidance from you and ran amok.  How can you expect to be the leader of the “Free World” when you can’t/couldn’t even pilot your children to be their moral best.  Can’t wait to see what you do to your youngest children Piper and Trig.   2011-2019.  I wonder if you could win the “Most dysfunctional Family in the USA”?

Track Palin:  Tracks not doing so well and rumor has it he has a monkey on his back again.  A real 417 to use a police code or is it ox? No solid proof yet but without intervention main liners die young.  I’d like to blame it on PTSD from his deployment but he had a lot of problems before joining the military.By the way what ever happened to his military career?



Bristol Palin:

You failed as a mother to guide your daughter by telling her the simple sexual facts of life.  Resulting in her ignorant ass getting pregnant while probably drunk.  She did marry her baby Daddy but is living out of wed-lock with yet another man she claims is her “room mate”.




Palin Grandson has socialized medicine!  LOL


Willow Palin:

Following in her big sisters shoes: she and her drunk friends broke into another person house and vandalized it.

Posting homophobic slurs on FB and buying drugs in a store parking lot.




Piper Palin:  On her way to being a happy well adjusted teen. Do any of your children go to school full time?




A few extra links:


my favorite.


Matt damon shreads Sarah Palin


John Cleese on Sarah Palin


Is Sarah Palin on Welfare?


Report on Sarah Palin trying to ban library books in Wasilla


Alaska rallies against Sarah Palin


Where’s Toddy Sarah?
Tamara Beinlich

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