Action alert – The death penalty is on the run in the USA – help end it once and for all

Dear Friends,

This NCADP Action Alert provides several opportunities for action that we ask you to take, and pass along to others.

#1 – Other State Campaigns

Before we update you on Illinois, please note that viable death penalty repeal bills may be or have already been introduced in ConnecticutKansasMaryland and Montana. There will soon be important actions for residents of those states, and in many others,  in support of abolition.  NCADP urges you to make sure you are also on the e-mail list of the state in which you live.  Now is the time to connect with them by clicking the named states above if you live in one of them, and for all other states, click here.

Also, please think about who you know who lives in ConnecticutKansasMaryland or Montana and help them get signed up in those states so that they can be part of those abolition campaigns. In general, anyone you know who agrees with your opposition to the death penalty should be asked to join the NCADP Affiliated state organization where they live.

#2 – On-Line Polls: Join the Swing Team!

Increasingly, news organizations are posting on-line polls on their websites which are associated with news items about the death penalty. These polls are unscientific, but advocates on either side of the issue can point to them as an indicator of public opinion. Actually, they are an indicator of who is paying attention to the issue. Because there are so many and they often last only a day, NCADP cannot quickly alert you to them using this list. If you will take the 28 seconds it takes to go to a web page and vote in an Internet poll whenever one of NCADP’s Affiliates alerts us to one, follow us onTwitter and/or Like us on Facebook. We post polls using those tools regularly and quickly. Be part of the Swing Team to help make sure the voice of abolition is always strong!

#3 – Call Governor Quinn in Illinois!

As you know, llinois is just one signature away from becoming the 16th state without the death penalty. The General Assembly passed legislation to repeal the death penalty on January 11, 2011. The bill was certified on January 18, and now Governor Pat Quinn has 60 days to add his signature. He has indicated that he will take at least 30 days to weigh his decision, and he wants to hear from the public.

Please call Governor Quinn to ask him to sign the death penalty repeal bill.

You can say, “I want to encourage Gov. Quinn to sign the legislation to end the death penalty.”

Chicago Office – 312-814-2121
Springfield Office – 217-782-0244

If you don’t get through to a person or voicemail, please try again.

It’s really quite simple.  Click here to see a video of Kevin Werner, Executive Director of NCADP’s Ohio Affiliate, Ohioans to Stop Executions, making his call.

The Governor’s staff won’t ask you for reasons (they want to know if you support or oppose), but if you’d like talking points or more information, visit the Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penaltywebsite.

Please note: There are also Internet petitions and other ways to contact Governor Quinn, but our friends at the Illinois Coalition have asked us to help generate telephone calls that connect to either a live operator, or allow you to leave a voice mail.  Once you have done that, click here to see photos and videos from the days the bill passed, and for links to our action to THANK the bill sponsors!

#4 – Make a donation to NCADP today

NCADP is working hard to help all of our state Affiliates advance the effort to abolish the death penalty across the country. Help us help our Affiliates with your contribution to NCADP today.

Many Thanks!


Contact us at Please join NCADP on Facebook or LinkedIn, follow us onTwitter, read more on our websiteblog, or at the Huffington Post, and contribute online.

photo in banner provided courtesy of Scott Langley,

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