The Number One Victim of Identity Theft: Men!

This is the first time I have ever used my blog as a tool to publicise a book, however I feel this book is worth it. I also will admit the author has sent me a copy, which of course is a joy, and something I will always treasure.

Quite often we think that identity theft is more prevalent among woman, so I was shocked to read this. The title of the book is a little ‘direct’ but lets be honest, all new relationships have this kind of situation attached to them. The advice given in this book can apply to woman just as much as to men, and RK plans another book from a woman’s perspective in the near future.


From the author, RK Hendrick How to avoid getting screwed while getting laid.

There are many situations I just can’t seem to get out of my mind! … And time and time again, it’s the same old story! Over the past few years, I have talked with thousands of men concerning relationships that have gone wrong. Ironically, many of these men were also victims of Identity Theft.

In these romantic relationships where Identity Theft (or fraud) was committed against men, the women who committed the crimes were able to steal tens of thousands of dollars! They were also able to use and abuse the bank accounts and credit accounts of the men, without the men ever knowing, until it was too late!

Simply stated: All of these men were played for fools!

So, whether you are in a long term relationship or just starting out, it is always a good idea to have a back ground check done on your partner, if you begin to notice odd occurrences or unexplainable situations or if a pattern starts to emerge that does not make sense: i.e., missing mail, missing identification, missing bank statements, missing credit card statements, etc.

The first thing you need to do is get a copy of your credit report! Your credit report could contain information that there may indicate there is be a problem! Upon receiving your credit report, look for discrepancies (fraudulent information) in your file! Here is a list of items you should check and look for:

1. Is your personal information wrong? i.e., the misspelling of your name or the use of initials.

2. Does your address and/or employment history contain errors or information that does not match or is incorrect?

3. Are there variations in your Social Security Number or the Social Security Number that was used to open the credit account?

4. Are there credit accounts you did not open or any debts you can not account for?

5. Are you receiving calls from merchants, businesses or collection agencies claiming you have outstanding debt or bills that have not been paid or for items you have not purchased?

6. Have you received credit cards you did not order?

7. Are you being denied credit when you know you have a good or favorable credit score?

8. Do you fail to receive bills or other mail? Remember you should follow up with creditors if your bills don’t arrive or don’t arrive on time. A missing bill could mean an identity thief has taken over your account and changed your billing address to cover their tracks.

The above factors are clear indicators that you may be a victim!

Most of the men (Identity Theft Victims) I worked with, dated these women for several months. Some of theses men discovered their woman was sharing their private financial information with other men. While others found out their woman obtained credit cards in their name or she was now listed as an authorized signer on his credit cards.

In one instance, the woman had a male accomplice contact the credit card company, claiming to be victim and then ordered a card for her. In another particular situation, the woman went as far as to go shopping at the local mall with her male accomplice, using victim’s good credit while he was at work!

Reality: When these male victims contacted the credit card company to alert them to the fraud that had been committed, … guess what? He had to prove to them that he did not order the card for her! … And let me tell you, it is very difficult, almost impossible to prove that you did not authorize the use of your credit card.

The devastating financial impact of these situations can be immeasurable! … And it can take you years to unravel scheme or to payoff the debt!

Most of the women who commit these kinds of crimes, know your schedule! They know when your mail is delivered and they know what type of credit accounts and/or bills you have.

If you think you may be a victim of Identity Theft, contact the credit reporting agencies immediately and have an alert placed on your credit file. Contact the merchants you are not familiar with (who say you owe them money) and inquire as to how and when these accounts were obtained. Once you have done your homework, you should contact your local law enforcement agency and file a criminal complaint against the person(s) responsible! You should also always contact an attorney when in doubt!

If you have questions that you would like to ask, you may contact me via phone or email!

Bridget Buchholz
“Excellence in Investigations”

Have you had your ID stolen? Know someone who has? Tell us about it in the comments.

Remember: There are hundreds of excellent and practical suggestions on how to protect yourself in the book: “How To Avoid ‘Getting Screwed’ When Getting Laid!”

We would greatly appreciate your comments about this article!

*** The above discussion is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney immediately.



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