Arizona death penalty injustice

I am pleased and proud to announce that with Kricket Schurz and Sherry Breznicki Road2Justice is the third founding member of a new organisation called Arizona Death Penalty Injustice.

The new organisation has been founded as Kricket Schurz is the wife of an AZ DR inmate, Eldon Michael Schurz. Kricket has campaigned tirelessly to bring to the world the injustice and corruption in the state. For six years her heartfelt and articulate arguments have been ignored – no more!

We have set up a web page at: http://arizonadeathpenltyinjustice.we… where these stories can and will be told. Please take a look at the site, and sign our guest book.

We are also asking for help from anyone who has connections in the right places, information on the judicial system in AZ, evidence that they may have thought was unimportant from any of the cases featured on the site. Infact, anything you think may help us clear up the mess in the AZ capital cases field. One man is dead (Jeff Landrigan) another due to die in March, we cannot sit back any longer and watch very possibly innocent people be put to death, for political acclaim, or advancement of careers.

PLEASE help us in anyway you can, to right these terrible wrongs.

In love, peace and solidarity


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