Man faces prison after trying to hire hit man on Facebook

A man is facing the prospect of a long jail sentence after attempting to use Facebook to hire a hit man.

Corey Christian Adams, 19, of West Chester, Pennsylvania was caught red handed as he attempted to find a professional killer, as the man he was discussing the proposed murder with was actually a local policeman.

Corey Christian Adams looked for a killer on Facebook (PA) Corey Christian Adams looked for a killer on Facebook (PA)

Adams wanted the hit man to kill a 20-year-old woman who had accused him of rape after a party in June last year, reports the Daily Local News.

However, his ill thought out plan soon collapsed and he was charged with rape and criminal solicitation of murder.

He has now accepted a plea bargain with local prosecutors and will spend between 11 and 22 years behind bars.

The woman had told police she had passed out after getting drunk at the party and woken to find Adams cutting her clothes off with a knife and raping her.

Detective Stan Billie attempted to gather more evidence about the incident by persuading the woman to phone her attacker and taping the conversation.

Events took an extreme turn after the call, when the teenager posted a message on Facebook, reading: ‘I got 500 on a girl’s head – who wants that bread? Hit me up any way possible.’

Adams, who later posted that he ‘needed this girl knocked off right now’, went as far as arranging a meeting to discuss the proposed killing with Det Billie, who was posing as a hit man.

In addition to the Facebook messages, officers investigating the allegations against Adams found DNA evidence to link him to the rape.





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