McAnulty Would Be First woman on Oregon’s death row

Prosecutors on Tuesday will continue their push for the death penalty for Angela McAnulty, the 42-year old mother who admits to beating, starving and torturing her daughter until the girl died.


But the death penalty hasn’t been carried out in Oregon for 14-years.


To date, in Oregon there are 36 inmates on death row — five of them for crimes committed in Lane County.


If prosecutors get their way — and a jury agrees — Angela McAnulty could join that exclusive group.


“Once the guilt phase is reached, the person is guilty. And the question is, what’s the penalty?” Elizabeth Baker, Eugene Attorney At Law.


Could 42-year old Angela McAnulty be the first woman executed in the State of Oregon?


Prosecutors have “death by lethal injection” on the table for this Eugene mother, who now admits to starving and maiming her own daughter until 15-year old Jeanette Maples died in December 2009.


That question will soon be asked of jurors in the McAnulty case.


Since 1904, 60 men have been executed in Oregon — the first 40 by hanging, the next 18 by lethal gassing, and the most recent two — in 1996 and 97 — by lethal injection.


The two people that have been executed in Oregon in recent history chose to forego their appeals.


Thirty-six people are awaiting a death sentence right now.


Many are in the midst of a lengthy and costly appeals process — something the Lane County District Attorney has steered away from in recent years because of financial constraints.


“Every aspect of a litigation, of a trial, would be reviewed and re-reviewed and re-reviewed,” Baker said.


The McAnulty case and every conviction that ends here on death row stems from a specific type of charge — aggravated murder.


As defense attorneys ply jurors with reasons why Angela McAnulty should stay alive, prosecutors continue their push.


This mother could soon join a very notorious group of men.


“It’s really not about the sex of the defendant,” Baker said. “The subject matter is really the victim and type of death that the victim experienced.”


Angela McAnulty’s court proceedings continue tomorrow.


The victim’s stepfather, Richard McAnulty, is also charged with aggravated murder, but prosecutors say they won’t seek the death penalty for him when he appears in court in May.




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