A plea from a death row wife.

okay – protective services might help believe it or not – that is if you can help me figure out how to try to protect an adult if it is possible. And I know I sound crazy, but I want custody of my husband. The claim Eldon’s attorneys have before the court is that Eldon is retarded. It is a long story, but the short of it is – this mess started because he scored low on an I.Q. test in childhood – the psychologist related that score to cultural differences, because Eldon scored okay on parts of the test but not on others. However, the truth that is ignored by the fancy white attorney in control of FPD is that Eldon was not just born a Pima Indian, he was born to utter poverty and had to be kept basically prisoner on the reservation to be safe from the racism and inhumanities that those in Phoenix doled out without thought. This included looking on as the tribal members whose water rights had been outright stolen in the decades before faced near starvation in not the early century but even as late as the 1960‘sand beyond. Still, it was all just life to him till his grandparents were both dead by the time he was eleven – Eldon’s parents who had never wanted him began to severely abuse him, and when he got into trouble his mother went to the court and gave up her parental rights to be rid of him.

The official paperwork says that Eldon was thirteen when he went to a juvenile rehab center that was not supposed to accept anyone under thirteen – he says that he was twelve. Whatever his age he was suddenly chunked into the white world by being the only nonwhite resident of a facility where the older kids and even councilors taught him exactly what he could expect in Phoenix. When he defended himself – the same state owned shrink that helped to condemn him years later blamed him for the assault occurring and wrote him off as irredeemable as a child. However, that charge remains one of the worst that shows on Eldon’s record, unless you are bothered by a teen boy sleeping with an underage girl. Eldon was never mean not even after being raised in juvenile facilities – including the worst hell hole in the state. He was simply torn down to nothing by the time he was fourteen – taught that he was subservient and allowed no say in anything. He learned that defending himself only earned him worse racism and abuse than he faced by merely taking what those within the system doled out, and that was the person I found on death row decades later.

To make a long story short – go to my pics – 5 of Eldon – 3rd – the man I first met in 2004 -4th the man I married and left when I came home in 2006 – 5th the beaten man he is now. Eldon is not retarded – he won’t ever be labeled a genius – but if he is retarded so was my Dad and a lot of other guys I grew up around. They knew what they knew, but they too were from a culture that left them short in the mainstream view – so am I in many ways – I just got a little more education.

I have thousands of pages Eldon wrote to me – we made decisions after discussing things – the case and my life that was in turmoil otherwise. He expressed his feeling s about me – our marriage and all those things a couple discusses and if engaged in conversation about his culture – faith, etc he is as intelligent ads the majority considered normal. I was just the first person to ever notice that he was not an imbecile, and treat him like a man. Those pics will show you exactly what I say – for the first time in Eldon’s life he had pride in who he was including that his wife did not criticize him for his Traditional beliefs as do so many others who try to convert him.

Eldon was beat back down into his place in order to hide the fact that his first attorney defrauded the courts and deliberately threw his case in district court to hide that fact. He watched me driven to a breakdown and finally cut me out as telling a friend he wanted me to give up on saving him.” I have to just get my head together ad wait,” he told her. He is waiting to die knowing that he has no say after those appointed to his case denied him the services of two justice projects – a world renowned expert – the ABA DP Project and more. He won’t fight – he can’t – I cried when found that last picture. Eldon broke with me and I was so far gone myself I did not even realize it.

I want to defend my husband and if I can get the papers filed asking for custody that is the story that will start bringing the truth to light.

Do you think that you can pull anything out of your law books pertaining to getting guardianship of an adult who is not mentally or emotionally able to defend themselves? It is time to fight and I am already back to no sleep and worrying nonstop. I won’t be beaten this time – there are detectives, prosecutors and court-appointed attorneys with a lot of explaining to do andI intend to force them to do it – one way or the other.


Kricket Schurz wife of Eldon Schurz


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