Do you have a friend or loved one in the Arizona prison system?


We need your help urgently to get information around the AZ prison system, especially Death row. If you can help (all we need is a flyer printed and sent to your loved one, and your loved one to pass it along). PLEASE HELP – you can email us at:


To The DR Inmates Of Arizona,

My name is Kricket Schurz. I am the wife of death row inmate Eldon Schurz, and have faced the worst sort of indifference by even those who are supposed to defend my husband from the atrocities that leave him to await execution for a crime that he did not commit. After an arduous fight with former appellate counsel, Jennifer Bedier of The Arizona Capital Representation Project, and then, the Federal Public Defender’s Office it has came to my attention that those on the row are not only often wrongfully convicted by detectives and prosecutors, but also often denied competent counsel. I also realize that the whim of counsel can deny the right on appeal to do more than use mitigation to seek relief in the appellate courts. Eldon finally just gave up on receiving justice, but I have not. So, along with friends I have founded and act to promote the cause of the organization Arizona-Death-Penalty-Injustice.

Our purpose is to find, expose and act to end the injustices which have been perpetrated in the course of capital cases. This includes the malfeasance of law enforcement, prosecutors, the courts and even court-appointed counsel. We hope to act as a voice and advocates of those otherwise ignored. While our website currently focuses solely on the cases of several from Maricopa County, we will listen to anyone from the state of Arizona willing to speak truthfully regarding their case and who feels they have been shortchanged at any stage of their proceedings. If the grievances are supported by evidence included in the case record, we will act to publicize the stories, and try to find other organizations to intercede on your behalf to the best of our abilities.

Our intent is not to offer legal advice or assistance. Nor are we a justice project, other than our working toward assuring justice for the condemned in the most basic ways. We do work toward stopping upcoming executions and will work toward repeal of the death penalty in Arizona based on the inherent failures of the system to assure fairness in capital cases. Unlike those who so often say that they are against the death penalty, but do no more than speak, we want to make an actual difference. We aim to allow those locked away in hell to speak for themselves, and if they wish to do so allow them via the internet ask for any assistance they have been denied.

Based on that, my hope is that by bringing enough to light in one place, we can instigate change that would include the corrupt among prosecutors, detectives, defense and appellate attorneys being held responsible for their sins. It is time for the truth to be told rather than hidden within seclusion cells. It is time for others to actually understand the games that lead to capital punishment being no more than a joke that tortures the convicted, but serves no meaningful purpose beyond.


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