Florida’s death row poet

I have received a card today, along with a pamphlet from Florida’s death row poet Ronald Clark. Below is the transcript of the pamphlet, that Ronald asks everyone to share. So please feel free to either share this blog, or copy and share on your own site or blog.


Greetings from Florida’s death row…my world.. and a world that hopefully you will never experience. I want to share with you a little about my world, my experiences and the miscarriage of justice in my legal case, so let’s begin.

My name is Ronald Wayne Clark, Jr. I am 6’4” 230, blue eyes and brown hair. I was born on 4/20/68 in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve been incarcerated for over two decades, confined to this 9 x 7  ….. 63 square foot cage here on death row for the armed robbery and shooting death of a 39 year old white male. You can read the entire story on my website in an essay titled “the murder”. You can read about my appeals in “sentenced to death” and view evidence and testimony that the jury never saw in an essay titled “the evidence”. You can also view a Bar Complaint against my appellate attorney Harry P. Brody who intentionally sabotaged  evidence and testimony attempting to procedurally bar valid legal claims that were were harmful to my trial Judge David C. Wiggins, who stalled my appeals for over a decade protecting the honour and integrity of my trial attorney who he appointed in February 1990 to represent me. This former attorney turned Judge Henry E. Davis had no experience with capital murder cases, and as you can see on my blog, that he was too incompetent to investigate, look at evidence, track down witnesses etc. The third judge, Lance M. Day, was my prosecutor at trial. You can witness the evidence that he concealed from the jury as well as the perjured testimony that he put on at trial. Harry P. Brody went out of his way to protect these three Judges’ honour and integrity. Furthermore, you will see the Florida Supreme Court being completely and totally complicit in Brody’s act of sabotage procedurally barring evidence, testimony, and valid legal claims. For not only does the evidence and testimony shine a bad light on the Judges’ incompetence as counsel, but it proves that Lance M. Day as the prosecutor and Judge Wiggins the sentencing Judge not only placed the wrong man n death row, but then made a plea agreement with the murderer John David Hatch (DOB 9/13/66) that allowed him to serve 11 years 2 months and he is currently walking the streets.

My case is a prime example of why the death penalty should be abolished for it’s abuse and misuse. You will see a document as an exhibit in “The Evidence” where I was offered a plea agreement, but only because I rejected this did they seek the Death Penalty. You will see the prosecutor, current Judge Lance M. Day, lie and manipulate the jury, concealing the bloody clothes of John David Hutch, from the jury. You will witness my incompetent trial attorney turned Judge Henry E. Davis, and his failure to simply cross examine key witnesses, at trial. Failure to produce evidence, failure to produce witnesses and complete failure to investigate or hire an investigator. Juries more often than not deliberate on these death penalty cases without the full facts being presented to them. This is just one of the many flaws of capital punishment, here in America. I encourage you to read my many other essays on the biased prejudicial application of capital punishment. Whether you are for or against it, the one thing you have to admit is the death penalty is applied by fallible human emotions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this pamphlet, and hopefully my website. I send peace and love to all.

Sincerely Ronald W. Clark Jr.


(Admin note: The pamphlet contains examples of Ronald’s poetry and art).

Contact info:

Ronald W. Clark, Jr #812974

Union Correctional institution,

7819 N.W. 228th Street,










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