Jerry’s story.

As all of my friends on Facebook should know, I was released from prison on August 14, 2007 after having served over 37 years in 17 prisons across the state of New York. My struggles to find employment have been extremely difficult in spite of the fact that I have two masters degrees along with many other academic and therapeutic credentials. I spend all of my free time going around speaking in schools, churches, colleges, prisons and anywhere else people will let me share my story of rehabilitation and redemption. Unfortunately, because I live in Buffalo, NY, hardly anyone has been able to pay me for these presentations. I work part-time at a rehab and when I’m not there, I go around cleaning people’s homes. I believe I have finally found the answer to my financial problems and I’m asking all of my Facebook friends if they will help share this link and sign up for this wonderful program to save money and to make money in the process.

Jerry Balone


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