Alabama man executed for double murder

A man who kidnapped, robbed and killed a couple in 1986 was put to death Thursday in Alabama after the US Supreme Court rejected his last-minute appeal.

William Glenn Boyd, 45, was pronounced dead at 6:23 pm (2223 GMT) at a state prison in Atmore, Alabama, 23 minutes after being given a lethal injections, said prisons spokesman Brian Corbett.

He made no final statement, Corbett said.

Only 20 years old when he committed the double murder, Boyd was not sentenced to death not by the jury that found him guilty but the judge who presided over the trial.

His lawyers had filed a last-minute appeal to the US Supreme Court, arguing that the judge violated state and federal law by imposing a death sentence after the jury called for sentencing Boyd to life without the possibility of parole.

With friend Robert Milstead, Boyd lured Fred and Evelyn Blackmon out of their home by making them believe that Evelyn’s daughter from a previous marriage had been kidnapped and that the couple had to pay a ransom to get her back.

Fred Blackmon was forced to withdraw $5,000 from his bank account, but court documents show the couple was later driven to a rural isolated area, where each was shot to death separately.

One of the bodies was found in the trunk of the car in a river and another in a barrel that had also been thrown into the river.

Milstead struck a plea deal in exchange for his testimony inculpating Boyd, and he got a life prison sentence without the possibility of parole.

The lethal injection was administered with several drugs, including the anesthetic thiopental, despite shortages in the United States.

But the Alabama Department of Corrections “has a sufficient supply of unexpired, FDA-approved sodium thiopental to carry out the execution of William Glenn Boyd,” said Corbett.

He said Alabama was seeking other means to address the nationwide shortage of the drug, including considering using a sedative, pentobarbital, currently used to put down animals.

It was the state’s second execution this year, and the 11th across the United States.



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