Help free Antonio Williams – Texas death row


Antonio lee Williams currently sits on Texas Death Row. He was convicted of a double homicide that he knew nothing about. A few months before the August 5, 2006 murder of Vincent Williams and Yolanda Styles Antonio found himself in a situation where he had to defend himself from the father of his girlfriends children who was swinging a shaving straight razor at him. Whilst Antonio was defending himself the man dies. Antonio says his biggest mistake was leaving the scene because months later murders happened else where and instead of the police investigating these crimes properly Antonio became the main suspect.
The two Victoms in this case Antonio has never met in his life and there is no way for the state to prove Antonio knew the victoms or that he commited the crime besides a so called witness who said from their begining statements that she saw a dark skinned, tattoo’d, African American male with dread locks and a new orleans hat on and she could not see his face.
After she gave this statement weeks later she was picked up for the assault of a minor for the second time by police. She was offered a fifteen year prison sentence, or, she could testifie against Antonio in exchange for a lighter sentence. So she decided to take the lighter sentence and lie to the court and testifie against Antonio. So she changed her statement to saying she saw a light skinned African American male with tattoo’s and no dreadlocks.There was a man on the scene of the crime that came forward and said that the man who shot the victoms shot them with his gun. If this man knew who had his gun then he knows who murdered these victoms. But the investigators blew it off and did not investigate it any further.

What makes things worse is the fact that Antonio has a state apointed attorney (Patrick MacCann) who is not helping Antonio try and prove his innocence and is wasting time. Mr MacCann is Antonios direct Habeaus Corpus attorney in the state court but he has not filed anything to help Antonio. In the four years of Mr MacCann being Antonios attoney he has only visited him once for 15minutes and even then he did not tell Antonio how he was going to help him. Patrick MacCann was the now free from Texas Death Row Anthony Graves attorney. Anthony Graves had the same problem with Mr MacCann and got him off his case and got himself a new attorney. If Anthony Graves had kept Mr MacCann as his attorney he may have never been found innocent and released.

Antonio is desprately trying to get the court to take Mr MacCann off his case so he can be given a new attorney that will help him prove his innocence. He has set up a defence fund so people can donate to help him pay for an investigator/attorney Also we have a petition for him that we need as many people as possible to sign so we can send it to the court to demand Patrick MacCann is taken of Antonios case and he is given a new attorney.


5 responses to “Help free Antonio Williams – Texas death row

  1. The comments regarding the Antonio Lee Williams case are bogus. I should know—I was on the jury that convicted this man. The penalty fit the multiple crimes for which this man was convicted.

  2. While we are happy to post your comments re: Mr. Williams, our views are opposite to yours. We believe that Mr. Williams is innocent of the charges against him. We appreciate that you posted your views with no bashing of Mr. Williams, or his advocates – thank you!

  3. As with Larry I also was on the jury.
    I recommend you re-read the case file. Many of the items above are incorrect or distorted. Mr. Williams was given a fantastic defense based on the evidence presented agasint him. Both of his defense lawyers did an unbelievable job, but the case against Mr. Williams was too strong.

  4. I strongly believe Mr. Williams to be innocent and he wouldn’t be the first to sit on death row for a crime he never commited. Do you honestly think that a 15 minutes visit from his lawyer in 6 six years time is enough to help him prove his innocence? There was a first report where the witness said she didn’t recognize him which miraclously vanished.

  5. You are both are lairs I, also was at the trial it was unfair and the lawyers did not put up a good defense at all

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