Have you been the victim of fraud stemming from a DR inmate in Mississippi?

There are wild accusations flying that whilst collecting money for a death row inmate namely Ricky Chase (Mississippi) an advocate was pocketing the money that should have gone to Ricky.

While we know these allegations are false and ridiculous we would like to offer the following advice.

If you sent money to a third person believing it to be for Ricky, please take the financial details of the transaction i.e. cheque stub, receipt from wire company, bank draft, which ever way you paid the money, along with the name and address of the person you sent it to all to your local Police Department.

Explain you think you may be the victim of a fraud, and ask them to investigate.

For the offence of fraud to have been committed, there must be victims. So far all there is are wild, malicious, vile accusations, yet not a single victim. The attempt to destroy reputations is never good, and this attempt will backfire badly. It is a shame people feel the need to sink this low, but we are happy to try to help the ‘victims’ by giving them the advice they need.

If you have ever sent money directly to an inmate at their facility, you have not been de-fraud’ and this advice does not apply.


If someone treats you hatefully, it’s because you shine so brightly
that you make them hate themselves. – Author unknown.



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