Request from Gerald Marshall – death row Texas

I have received a letter from Gerald Marshall who is currently on death row in Texas. He asked me to post the following, which I am happy to do.

Prison activist seeks help with internet research.

I have been on death row, six years now. In this time I have realised the death penalty has no place in society. I have talked to various prisoners and activists in the free world to see how they felt about how to abolish the DP. We all agree the best way is to unite the anti DP movement.

In understanding this I co-founded amiti (at to unite the entire death penalty movement. We feel this could be a vessel to get activists to converse and come together to create goals. I encourage you to visit our site and see what we are trying to accomplish.

I have not been as successful as I would have hoped because I am on death row. It’s different from people who are free and have the mindset to bring about change, the entire world is at your finger tips, you can network and communicate until you accomplish what you want to. Me, I can’t!

I am looking for any one who is willing to work with a prison activist working towards abolishing the DP. If that person is you, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or email all emails will be sent to me by Road2Justice.

Thank you.

Gerald Marshall #999489

Polunsky Unit – Death Row

3872 FM 350 South






One response to “Request from Gerald Marshall – death row Texas

  1. Dearest Gerald, I have started reading material, but it’s going to be a pretty big job with only this android, but I wanted to let you know i’ve started, and know that i’ve got your back as much as possible, ONE LOVE, Ellen

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