Reporting Mexico’s murder capital: ‘Death threats are part of daily life’

journalist Luz Sosa describes life in Juarea where she reports on up to 20 gang related killing a day.

Luz Sosa

Luz Sosa: ‘The situation is becoming worse and worse’

In the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez, executions have become part of everyday life. More than 4,000 people – including teenagers and women – have been murdered in the city since 2008 – often in barbaric circumstances. Luz (“Lucy”) Sosa, a 41-year-old mother of two and chief crime reporter on the city’s main newspaper, El Diario, has documented each one of these assassinations.

But it was one brutal murder in 2008 – when Sosa’s patch had become the frontline of Mexico‘s drug war – that the battle-weary journalist will never forget. Her El Diario colleague, Armando Rodriguez, was gunned down by masked assailants outside his home. He had been reporting on the city’s drug cartels the previous day.

“The day before he was murdered we said goodbye as usual,” she recalls, with a drawn-out sigh. “Like every day, we were discussing going for some drinks with other colleagues. I was at home when my boss called to tell me he’d been assassinated. I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t expect that at all, even though there had been strong threats and aggression leading up to it.”

Just weeks before Rodriguez’s murder, a decapitated head was found carefully placed on a copy of El Diario in the city’s busiest shopping plaza. The paper’s front-page article bore Sosa’s byline. “We should have seen this as a threat to the newspaper but we didn’t,” she says. “We didn’t expect that anything would happen to us.”

Sosa talks matter-of-factly about life in Juárez, where a routine day now involves writing about “one, five, seven or nine” murders. We speak through a translator, with Sosa in London to talk about Channel 4’s Unreported World documentary on Mexico’s ongoing drugs war to be broadcast on Friday, in which she features. Sosa – a journalist of 22 years with dark bronze hair, a gold crucifix necklace, and white-tipped polished nails – appears desensitised to the daily killings.

A “very heavy” day will see 20 murders, she says. Mercifully, that hasn’t happened for a while, but two years ago such carnage was commonplace. More than 300 people were executed by the so-called Juárez death squads in September 2009 – the bloodiest month in the city’s history.

Two of Sosa’s colleagues on El Diario have been killed since the drugs war erupted on the paper’s doorstep in 2008. A small flower sits on the desk where Luis Carlos Santiago, the 21-year-old photographer, used to work. He too was a victim of the death squads.

Sosa says it is becoming “harder and harder” to report from the city, just across the Rio Grande from Texas. “The situation is becoming worse and worse – there’s an increase in armed vans. When the situation becomes more and more violent it becomes harder to operate as a journalist. In many places you can’t report at all because they have placed bombs in media offices, they have kidnapped journalists.”

However, threats of violence do not just come from shady drug lords. The city’s federal police routinely intimidate journalists reporting on alleged links between the authorities and the drug gangs. Earlier this month, one of Sosa’s colleagues had his phone confiscated by the federal police when reporting on a murder. Another was physically intimidated. “Sometimes it reaches the point where you receive death threats,” she says. “That’s part of daily life.”

Sosa is reluctant to talk about the hazards of reporting from the city. But she does get animated when I ask whether – after four years of bloodshed – corruption is any closer to being exposed.

“There is no political will to eradicate the situation – many politicians benefit from it. It’s profitable both to drug traffickers and to corrupt authorities. The situation could change if the government stopped thinking in these terms,” she rails. “This is a war that has cost Mexico 40,000 lives so far. This is a war that none of the people wanted. This is a war of which the people have had enough. They don’t want peace between both sides, they want the government to do their job and pursue the drug traffickers and bring them to justice. They want them to eradicate this drug problem.”

Sosa claims to have never contemplated quitting her job, though she has written a will to ensure her son, 19, and daughter, 16, aren’t “left destitute” if she is caught in the crossfire.

But the woman once described as the bravest in Mexico is quick to dismiss such inwardly-reflected thoughts. “I don’t want to be a fatalist but I’m just being practical. I’m not the brave one, it’s the newspaper as a whole – one of the most solid newspapers in the country – and I hope we can be a good example for a following generation of journalists.”


40 responses to “Reporting Mexico’s murder capital: ‘Death threats are part of daily life’

  1. i have an idea why don’t America give those mexicans a latex suit fitted with all the trimings, you know…the steel hands and voice converter and a real freight face to go with all this…… you know just as you have in the caribbean and UK……….instead of killing those poor bastards……….now thats an idea……..

  2. Life can only get harder for these people but what makes this all more discerning is the mare direspect for human life………but you know i guess latex is the way of the future……………..are we living in a star wars movie or what………..What i want to know is how do you get your hands on one of these suits………Do you have to be caucasian………………A caucasian only suit………….well the black won’t last long on this one…………………….Hmmmm………you really got this all figured out don’t you…………..a silent killer in the night………..Hmmm……..

    • It is true. I myself have heard such rumours and that people are using these latex suits fitted with steel hands and other amoured devices to kill people in Trinidad. I have heard that the people mostly involved in these activities are from Canada and that America have sent them overthere because there are no jobs in Canada, they are killing put the locals…………………..

  3. Where do ou guys come up with these stories, I have never heard such a thing before. Do you have any evidence of this. If not well i sugest you not mention anything about this. What a fantasy…..

  4. I must say this sounds a little far fetched But in reality when you look at whats going on in the World today nothing seems out of the ordinary. You said people from Canada. I will look into this.

  5. Hi my name is Mikil. I am from Canada. I would like to join your conversation. Yes people working overthere are from canada, Mostly Canadaians. They have the suits to make them look as African Caribbean people but they are really people from Canada. The problem they are having there is these Canadians kill the locals overthere. These latex and rubber suits comes with a rubber penis. They have sex with the local children overthere with these rubber penis and some of these kids ends up dead or in hospital. Most of the locals overthere are from people from the far east. russia. india and Africa. American has sent these people from Canada there, you know because the land is rich in oil to occupy everything with these latex and rubber suits but these Canadians are just killing and raping all the locals man its disgusting……They work in the police service and i hear they just shoot Africans in the Street man its disgusting….and murder and rape children…..its horrible….
    Yes they are from Canada……this is correct…..

  6. Since you guys are talking about this and Canada. I would like to add something to this. Are you familiar with Sheffield in the UK. Did you know that Sheffield was one of the fist place that made Steel and produced silverware and steel beams and all products of Steel. I’m sure you do.. Do you also know that America has sent those same Canadians overthere to kill everyone and occupy the city of sheffield centuries ago……. i’m sure you don’t well it’s true. Well it’s true alot of people in sheffield are from Canada……America just pays these people to occupy space, they walk around the city by the hundreds with these bags in there hands, chasing all the locals out of the city….just trying to occupy everything so no one gets a place to live, a job, or food to eat….they occupy everything and they are numbered by the hundreds and thousands………Just as you mentioned that they are doing in that place called Trinidad.. where is that by the way ,,,sounds like the caribbean,,, well wherever it is it’s true….sorry to disappoint anyone but its tue….

  7. Itls true a lot of people in Trinidad from Canada. They dress in these black latex and rubber suit to make them look as Africans and Asians. They rape the children with these rubber suits because they have a built in penis…..some die some end up in hospital….

  8. FYI The founder of R2J is a UK national. This article was not meant to cause any offence, but to enlighten and educate. All articles on this blog unless specified are from a variety of media sources. The whole purpose of this blog is to bring together information that may not be usually seen, or maybe difficult to source. Thank you all for taking time to read, we hope some articles will have been interesting and informative.

  9. Well i’m not a UK naional and i don’t agree with any of this, this is ridiculous and obsured. It sounds like what the other guy mentioned a fantasy………blah blah blah…

  10. When i was a younger lad. My parents moved out of Sheffield, Dad said work was scarce. He could not support me and my mom and younger brother. We moved to Matlock in Derbyshire. Growing up in Derbyshire i’ve heard numerous stories about how the steel industry in Sheffield got smashed. This is the exact thing i’ve heard. It’s a shame really. When you look at all thats been destroyed for that sake of greed it’s a real pitty. Now i know why my dad had to move the whole family away. I am 96 years by the way so it seems that this has been going on for quite a while and still is. A lot of my dads friends lost there lives in Sheffield through struggles in the steel works, my dad kept goin on and on about how his friends died in fights and struggles with fellow workers. This must have been why. pitty really…I’m 96 now and i’ve never been back to Sheffield and i don’t think i ever will. What a shame. The things people do for money.

  11. You guys really know how to get a conversation going. I have been reading this and i don’t know if its true or false. But it’s quite an intresting story i must say. It’s good to explore different opinions and get different views. Sorry for some of the folks who may find people’s views offensive but you know, people need to know whats going on in the world today and the only way to get that done is by telling the story. I’m not really into all of this but it’s all good reading and who cares,right ! Hey but you know what guys give em hell if it’s true! yeahhhh.

  12. Can i just ask you a question Ms Susan J. You said these individuals from Canada have bags in their hands. Is this some sort of bag tha US government issues to them or a hand bag ah or a carry bag what kind of bag is this ?

  13. These bags belongs to these individuals but some are fitted with gadgets and all kinds of devices. So if they were to touch someone they can maybe cause damage to you.
    There is Housing Developments situated within Sheffield. Only Canadians live in these developments. They come from Canada and go straight to these developments. This is all an organised thing to take the steel works in sheffield over. Put on there English rubber latex with voice converter and presto you can’t tell a Canadian from and English. It’s messed up and they are thiefing every cent out of Sheffield together with all it stands for…..

    A lot of Sheffield’s Steel industry have become smashed because of these people…
    They have destroyed everything…
    It’s a shame…
    They are nasty and destructive people and they should be punished for this…Sorry excuse my language but it’s true….. Canadians are the Scum of the earth…Just as they are doin in that place called Trinidad…Raping children and killing inocent people…I don’t know why America tolerates these UnGodly people…they are Scum…and thats my final scum….

  14. I’m just goin to paint you a brief picture of what ‘s goin on in Sheffield. The majority of people in Sheffield are from Canada. They began comin here since the steel works boom and have stolen everything out of the city. Big housing developments have been bult in Sheffield to accomodate these people comin here from Canada.

    If you were a lad living in, say brighton and you wanted to come here and live. you can’t. They would not allow you a job or a place to live. These are mostly resereved for people from Canada.

    America have hired all these Canadians to steel the steel industry from Sheffield. Sending all these Canadians into the City. Supply them with houses and jobs and screw the locals. nothing for them. These Canadians are murderers, liers thiefs and total scum, like the guy said. they will kill your ass with hesitation.

    They have been supplied with all types of devices and apparatas to kill people. I will give you an example. A camera on a Sheffield bus picked up an audio tape of a woman taking out a phone charger out of her bag. she stuck the individual sitting next to her with the wire she took out of her bag……thats how trained these people are…they have been trained to assasinate people on the roads of sheffield. They drive people of the roads.

    They work in the city council and so the council have built big housing estates to accomodate these people….

  15. An american based company named ft farfan and sons, i think they may have changed the name now to ft farfan and appropriate technology. Believe it or not. This company would you believe acted as an agent for human body parts. I think the company is american and has outlets in the place you mentioned called Trinidad in the Caribbean. Yes agents for human body parts. unbelieveable. not sure if they still do this but yes may did at one point or another..These Canadians maywell be involved in these activities as well..what a shame as the guy mentioned earlier,,the things people do for money,,,it’s disgusting…

  16. Since reading this blog, this kind of jogged my memory back a few years ago. A friend of mine mentioned to me in a bar in south london. A conversation he alleged overheard in that same pub. Obviously he had no idea at the same what the men were talking about and so thought they were trying to rob a bank. One guy saying to another that they had to leave sheffield and go to Brazil to do the same job but had not been given a mask to hide his face and was worried about being seen in Brazil with the same face. Is this the same people from Canada ? It sure sounds like it. Whats with these Canadians man.

  17. What you are about to read is the truth. An attempt was made on my life when i left Trinidad and went to Sheffield. I had people follow me from Trinidad to Sheffield. It was alleged that companies owned by the Danaher Corporation in the US.

    Managers of these firms in Trinidad had allegedly sent people to follow me in the UK. This was found out when certain individuals in Sheffield tried hiting me with her vehicle on more that one ocassion. When i returned to Trinidad i saw this individual and then realised that an attempt was made on my life.

    This is for the same reason, because they don’t want people to see where they are or what they are doing. Obviously like the guy mentioned. These individuals are hiding behind these latex suits, but its obvious they are doing something wrong if they do not want people to see them..

    This girl tried hitting me with her vehicle in Sheffield on more that one occassion and was constantly following me around sheffield in her vehicle. I returned to Trinidad and saw this young American or Canadian looking girl at the Water Taxi Depot in port of spain Trinidad…I could not believe my eyes..These people are real bastards and deserve to have there information published for the whole world to see….I’m only sorry i did not have a camera to take her photo.. that way i could have published it on the internet…Bastards,Bastards, Bastards……

  18. I will shed some light on this. The US Army and Marines is in Sheffield and they are in plain clothes. They run people off the roads and kill people. The answer is because America have stolen the Steel works in Sheffield. Since the time of Sheffield inventing Silverware, spoons,forks, and all beautifull silverware items. It’s only Canadians in Sheffield.. Jealousy is a terrible thing i’m afraid..The people who tried hitting you with her vehicle works for the US Military…All this is underworld stuff..People don’t know it’s happening but yes it’s happening and know one has a clue..I have been investigating this stuff for a long time..They typical kill visitors , run them off the roads or they get murdered when they get back home to where ever in the world they live..Thats how these Canadians play the ball in Sheffield..

    It’s all deep rooted stuff and on one knows this is going on but yes it is..
    Believe me if this girl tried hitting you with her vehicle then she was making an attempt on your life. This is the US Military. They guard sheffield inside and out. Sheffield belongs to America with Canadians at the front gate..I was waiting for such a long time for someone to mention this on the internet.

    What took you guys so long…looks like people are finally waking up to the world around them..Bravo…

  19. I think this whole site should be brought to the attention of our Canadian Government and the FBI. I have never heard or read anything so ignorant in my life.
    This is education? And you people believe it?

  20. We are not sure what to believe myfriend. You know how the internet is, don’t always believe everything you read. You should know the wild and crazy world of the Web is, Believe me i have read worst and this is nothing. Hey keep those stories coming guys, ye ha……ha ha ha….

  21. A friend of mine had started this same conversation about 6 months ago. I am from Canada, i live and work in Canada. I have no intention of going to anyone’s country to find a better life for myself. Although i was made an offer of a summer job in Trinidad by a friend of a friend of a friend, but i never really showed any intrest in the job that had been on offer at the time. Mind you this may have been what they wanted me to go over there for. However i’m just go on and cut straight to the chase. Women from Canada dress in these rubber suits as men and have inter-course with children overthere. Yes Canadian women. Now thats what i call disgusting. I mean no offensive but it’s true. Women, boy are they working really hard or what, gosh i wish i was enthusiastic and liked my job, but not wanting to do any sort of thing like that.. Oh my, talk about a hard days job or what..
    It’s true a women who returned from Trinidad last two years was arrested in Ontario. Someone tipped interpol off. My buddy was employed at arrivals lounge at the time and he or she saw and heard the entire scenario…

  22. Rid the planet of these Canadians man. Lets get these suckers out of here. Thats what we need to do. Hey America, whats up with you and these Canadians man.
    You must really love Canadians. ?

  23. If you think thats weird then you should read this. Do you know what America has done with all the men they have killed in Vietnam. The vietnemese men they have killed. There sperm have been removed and shipped to Caribbean islands like Trinidad. Women from Canada and the UK and paid money to come to these Caribbean islands. Where they are injected with these vietnemese sperm. When the child is born. Child minders take care of the child then the organs and body parts are sold to the NHS in the UK, various health authorities in America and China. This is big business in these Caribbean islands. Women are paid money to have these children and teenage girls from the UK and US and Canada are also doing this.

    Strange but 100% true

  24. The Danaher Corporation owns all the firms in the Caribbean. All groups of companies in the Caribbean are owned by the Danaher Corporation. They are misleading people by giving false ownerships of these firms by saying hey you know what. Jizz Taylor owns this company and just made 50 million last year…This is all rubbish…The Danaher Corporation owns all these firms and are making away with all the money…

  25. Officers from southyorkshire police are coming to islands in the caribbean and taking parkt in a practice where people are being paid money, thousand pounds to be Artificial inseminated with sperm. When the child is born it is used for Human Body parts. The american authorities are running this alongside the british. The sperms are from the dead men from Vietnam War in China. They are using this sperm and breeding children for Human BODY PARTS. Nurses from Sheffield as well as docters are involved in this. The NHS and various health authorities in Europe are buying these body parts. Many of the pregnant women work in the police service in the caribbean while doing this. They dress as black negro men with big bellys in a rubber suit. They look as negro men with big bellies but its really a women underneath. They get paid a lot of money to take part in this practice. A lot of young girls from Sheffield are also doing this practice.

  26. I read on a website that underground facilities were situated in the Attercliffe area in Sheffield. What type of underground facilities are these. This sounds like a science fiction novel. This could be true and then again it might not be true at all. Who knows ….

  27. Let me intrigue you with this will you. Europeans and Americans on whole has no Blonde hair and Chin under their faces. They have black hair and rounded faces. They are not white people but in reality black people, thats why they are so insecure and have to wear a white rubber suit and look like a freaking alien.

    These under ground facilities have been around for a long time. They are making children with the sperm from the men they have killed in Vietnam and Southern Russian in the 1930 or 1940, these individuals have blonde and red hair .

    The children from this are being locked underground; and its there sperm that are being used to re-place the original Europeans and Americans. They are paying people a lot of money to make children all over the world and these children are being feed into the system. To replace the round faced Americans and Europeans who have black hair.

    Buts it taken a new twist whats they are doing is they are mixing Vietnamese with southern russian. To produce a people with Blonde hair and and tiny eyes. They are mixing the two types together. But you cant tell because these people are dress as white Americans and Europeans. They are bringing back the people from the Vietnam War, thats whats going on. Thats why you are seeing so many chinese resturants and businesses opening. And you know what they are working in the American Government and European Union. Were all dead. Return of the Vietnamese people.

    On a whole the original Europeans Americans are black people. they have no blonde hair and no chin under there faces. The blonde hair and chin comes from the people from souther russia they have killed from the Holocaust in 1930 or 1940 in Russia.

    The children from these sperm are being kept underground to produce people with blonde hair. Now they have added the Vietnamese to the breeding group and are thinking about making something a little more to produce a different eye.

    These children are also beng used for bodyparts by the way. And they are using underground facilities to do all of this.. In Sheffield in the UK yes this has been going on for quite a while. And you know what. These same children were forced to work in the coal mines of southyorkshire. Before there were no machinery or an advanced sort.

    So you see what they have done with all the men killed from Southern Russian and the Vietnam War. Take the sperms out of there bellies and make there children suffer in a whole new Holocaust. The European Union and the United Nations are behind all this. Right now there are hundreds of people locked in underground facilities to provide sperm to make people with blonde hair and a chin under there faces. The governments are thinking about having sex with a nice women at night at the cost of all these people they have locked underground.

    Edited by R2J: Can we please keep the comments respectful and not hate filled please.

  28. Please feel free to keep this debate going, but keep it respectful and not hate filled. One comment has had to be edited, we never want to edit any post, but allow people the freedom to discuss any articles we put out here – Thank you!

  29. Clico Insurance Company in the Carribbean. This company provides Benefits and Social Security and Housing the blonde haired children they are getting from these underground facilities. When they get big enough they are supplied with a british passport from the British Embassy where ever they are located. Well since this is a world wide operation going on, British Embassys around the world are in reality commiting fraud offensives, aren’t they. I mean if they hand out British Passports to people that weren’t born in the UK clearly this is fraud. But they are trying to beautify the UK with bring these individuals in aren’t they. Well i’m on about CLICO insurance company anyway. An insurance company secretly acting as a Benefits and Social Security provider to these people only in these rubber suits, supplied with housing and even a british passport to go off to the UK and work in top positions. I wish i was that good looking. I would wouldn’t I. The thing is i don’t have a rubber suit but when i went to the Housing agency for a place to live. These same people who they have practicing in the Housing agency in preparation for their UK jobs and a white rubber suit with a UK accent told me no. They promote how hard life is in the Caribbean and how tough life is when they are getting Benefits and Social Security paid through CLICO INSURANCE.. And the people they are getting the sperm from to make blonde haired children gets no where to live and no housing.
    They even have some of them living as vagrants in the Streets. And spending the night in homeless shelters so they can have their sperm through their urine, through the same process menthioned above.

    But CLICO INSURANCE pays the benefits and housing for these people while the people they are getting their sperm from has to live like dogs and gets no housing and no benefits when unemployed. But these blond haired children gets all the jobs and housing paid in preparation for there UK jobs and a white rubber suits with a UK accent

    Secretly based Naval US and UK Naval, Army and Marines recruiting offices are also located for these individuals in the Carribbean. As well as BENEFITS Agency , Social Security and other Recruiting Offices like the UK POLICE SERVICE are also situated in these Carribbean islands.


    AND by the way thanks for telling me no in the Housing Office when i applied for a place to live and you told me no in the Housing Office i told you i was homeless.

    These foc”rs gets there housing and benfits paid but they won’t help a guy in need of a place to live. But the authorities of the US AND UK minds these pri”ks and carries them so called Beaurify the Americas and European countries.
    And kills there own people to make room for these so called beautifull people they are manufacturing the worl over.

    I hope you all burn in Hell…

  30. Yes women from Sheffield are heavily involved in the making of children from the sperm obtained from the Holocaust. Jews, Southern Russians, Vietnamese. They are paid huge amounts of money to come to Caribbean Islands. When they arrive they are supplied with houses, Cars, and even Cocaine to snort. Its like a fun filled vacation. While they are having there benefits monies paid into their accounts back in Sheffield. I think they recieve about 6000 or seven thousand pounds plus they work. So its like they go back to the UK with about 10 or maybe 12 thousand pounds. A lot of young girls and women from Sheffield are doin this. This is big business. The locals gets not government housing by the way. Some even live like vagrants in the streets.

    But when these Sheffield women and girls arrive. Its like a fiesta. Supplied with Houses and even some of them gets the most expensive places to live. Fancy Cars to drive and lots of Cocaine to snort. But i think its the free Cocaine is really what they are after. They put on there black rubber suits to hide themselves of course. But they can’t hide. I know who these people are and where they are from and i am going to expose them to the world.

    Because some of them even kill people while doin what they are doin and no one give a shit. The children they make are locked in underground facilities. They are raised in underground facilities. When the girls gets to about 11 or 12 years of age. They are forced to have children in these facilities and then this child is injected into society. The Doctors and Nurses who work in these facilities are from sheffield by the way. Lots of the students from Sheffield who attend medical school come to the Caribbean to practice on these individuals. And you know what. Some of these children are deformed on purpose. Have their faces disfigured and all sorts of horrible things done to them. To make them think well you know what you are ill and we have to keep you here because you’re not well. When in fact they are being held hostage to make blonde haired children and not have a clue whats going on. Hell the the doctors and nurses might have even tricked them into thinking that pregnancy is a natural process and every year you naturally have a child. When in fact they are being inseminated while being druged while they are asleep.

    Because they don’t have a clue to whats going on do they. I mean if they grew up in these facilities. They can be made to believe anything can’t they. Pregnancy is a natural process and its part of the whole human growth process and every year you naturally have a child. Thats an easy one, isn’t it.

    A Cocaine fun filled vacation. These people are fo”’ing disgusting anyways. I’m not goin to go on about this but they are fo”ing disgusting.. And i felt sick to my stomach when i found out about this…

    CLICO INSURANCE COMPANY is also a benefits and social security provider to these individuals.

    Clico acts as secret social security provider in the Caribbean.

  31. Sorry, but there will be no further comments accepted on this topic due to some disturbing posts that I have had to delete while moderating comments. Thank you all for taking part in this discussion.

  32. This is my favorite conspiracy theory anywhere online. It’s so funny and every detail just keeps getting changed. It’s completely incoherent but hilarious. I would love to meet this one person (who I’m sure is just one person and not multiples as they pretend to be) and discuss their theories with them.

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