63 days to live – Steven Wood Texas death row




by Steven Woods on Saturday, July 16, 2011
I’m terribly troubled by the media and our society.  Recently, we got this wonderful spectacle of this woman, Casey Anthony, who “allegedly” killed her little girl. We’ve got this fantastic look at the United States justice system at work. For weeks, we were able to peer behind the curtain. The result here, apparent outrage.  The verdict, NOT GUILTY.   
“What?  How could this happen?  INJUSTICE!!  They got it wrong!  They let her get away with murder!” (..Or did they?)

Of course, the death of a 2 year old girl is tragic.  More than tragic.  If she really was murdered, it’s an atrocity!  That said, the justice system worked here. Here’s how it is:
The DA has to prove every element of an offense, which they failed to do.  Period.
They relied on emotion, illusions and non-science.  They couldn’t even prove if it was murder, let alone who did it. I agree: Casey’s actions were questionable and downright hideous, but how many of you have ever gone through the trauma of losing a 2 year old daughter?

There are 2 possible scenarios that would have lead to this verdict:  Either the state didn’t do their job, or they couldn’t do their job. A majority of Americans are disgruntled about this injustice. Do you want to know what the real injustice is?  Casey will make a huge profit off this, and in that, you’re complicit.
YOU are the one’s saying her name, letting her shine in the media.
YOU are helping her profit from the death of a child.

Don’t be mad at her…..be mad at yourselves.  Then if you don’t think it works, be mad at the system. Be mad at the media, who’ve sensationalized this whole ordeal! Do you know how many MILLIONS of dollars those scavengers have made off of this disaster?  And do you know who’s paying them? YOU are.

What deeply bothers me about this whole situation is how everyone can be so outraged, can spend all their energy screaming about how ‘this system doesn’t work’, but turns a blind eye when the STATE is doing it. The only way these people care is when you rub their noses in it, and even then, it’s just a another commercial. If you actually care about justice being brought forth, take initiative and DO something about it for a change.

My friend here is innocent- he can prove it with expert scientific evidence yet he has an execution date for August 18… because the courts don’t care.
I’m innocent- the real killer has confessed, but I have an execution date for September 13th..  because, again, the courts don’t care.
We don’t see you raising a fuss about any injustice here, and it’s genuinely disturbing. (The few you who are actually helping, please disregard).

“Two thirds of Americans are outraged with Casey Anthony verdict”. Yeah, nice. Where are the two thirds of Americans who are outraged that innocent people are going to be put to death?

You know what I think?  Had I been tried through the media, like OJ or Casey, or anyone who gets the coverage in the courtrooms, I wouldn’t have never ended up in here.  Because if there was a camera crew on the DA, he wouldn’t have been able to play the lies he played.  He would have had to play it straight.  And my own counsel?  I’m sure they would have about ten times more competent than they had been.
I feel like I’m talking out of two sides of my mouth here: ‘the system works; it doesn’t work. Media scavengers are evil; I could have used the attention.’
It all goes to prove that there is an undeniable amount arbitrariness in the way America handles legal cases- and it just isn’t right.


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