Freddie Bell, Mississippi death row – update

The state contested Freddie Bell (MS Death row) win in February. Today, without a written opinion, the state supreme court denied the state’s petition. That means that Freddie DOES get a hearing in the local court in Grenada.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has denied a request by the Mississippi Attorney General to rehear the decision in a Grenada County capital murder case.

Earlier this year, justices refused to set an execution date for Frederick Bell, 39, and ordered a circuit court judge to hold a post-conviction relief hearing.

Bell is on Mississippi’s death row after being convicted of capital murder in the death of Robert C. “Bert” Bell during a robbery at the Stop-N-Go store in Grenada County on May 6, 1991.

Frederick Bell appealed the conviction claiming he is innocent of the charges and his attorney provided ineffective counsel.

In a split decision in February, justices denied his claims, but did order a Grenada County Circuit Court judge to hold a post-conviction relief hearing.

The Mississippi Attorney General’s office appealed the decision and asked for a rehearing.

On Thursday, The state’s highest court denied the request.












Below is a link to a video made by Road2justice with a message from Freddie to all who care and have helped him.


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