Manuel Valle

Age: 61
Location: Florida, USA
Nationality: Cuban with Spanish ties
Years on death row: 33
Legal status: Execution scheduled for 2 August; stayed for 30 days


Cuban citizen Manuel Valle was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer in Florida. He has been on death row for 33 years. 

Manuel is being denied access to a meaningful clemency process by the state of Florida. He is also one of the longest serving inmates on death row: he was 27 years old when first convicted and is now 61.

Manuel Valle was born in Cuba in 1950 and moved to the US with his parents in 1961. His grandfather is Spanish and he has close ties to Spain. Reprieve is assisting Manuel Valle as part of our EC Project.

The execution of Manuel Valle was stayed for 30 days following concerns about the efficacy of the lethal injection procedure used by Florida, and was set for Tuesday 6 September. It has now been stayed for 2 days to allow the Federal Court to hear arguments on the clemency issue.


Please help us to stop this execution by asking the Governor of Florida, Richard Scott, to grant clemency.

You can download a message to Governor Scott below. Please add your name and a personal message if you wish, and send it to Governor Scott at rick.scott@eog.myflorida.com


  1. Key figure in Florida clemency process promises to see Manuel Valle dead

    Cuban national Manuel Valle, who is currently facing execution in Florida, has been granted a further two day stay to allow consideration of the issue of clemency, following a last minute appeal by his lawyers. However, concerns have been raised that any hearing he does receive may have already been hopelessly prejudiced in the light of comments from the Florida Attorney General’s office.

    06 September 2011

  2. UK Parliamentarians join EU and Catholic Church in opposing Manuel Valle execution

    British Members of Parliament have today joined the European Union and Catholic bishops in calls to stop the execution of Cuban national Manuel Valle from going ahead in Florida on September 6.

    26 August 2011

  3. Human rights watchdog urges US to halt execution of Cuban Manuel Valle

    The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has urged the US to prevent the impending execution of Manuel Valle in Florida from going ahead.

    23 August 2011

  4. Virginia to carry out experimental execution with new drug today, Florida set to follow suit

    Today Virginia is set to execute for the first time using an untested new lethal injection drug, in a move which could soon be followed by Florida unless the state’s Supreme Court overturns the ruling of a lower court.

    18 August 2011

  5. Cuban citizen Manuel Valle appeals to Florida Supreme Court after circuit judge refuses to hear journalists’ evidence on faulty execution drugs

    Florida’s plan to carry out an ‘experimental’ execution using discredited new drugs is set to be challenged in the state Supreme Court.

    15 August 2011

  6. El Gobierno Español debe actuar para parar la ejecución de Manuel Valle, a quien el estado de Florida le ha negado clemencia.

    Se ha solicitado la intervención urgente de España en el caso de un ciudadano de posible nacionalidad española quien tendrá que enfrentarse en menos de un mes a la pena de muerte en Florida, ya que se le ha sido negada por proceso.

    12 August 2011

  7. Spanish Government must act to stop execution of Manuel Valle, denied clemency by Florida

    Spain is being urged to intervene in the case of a possible Spanish national who is facing the death penalty in Florida in less than a month, having been denied due process.

    12 August 2011

  8. Florida risks return to botched executions as expert warns of ‘burning pain’

    The rejection by a Florida judge of an appeal against the use of a new and untested execution drug could see a return to botched executions in the state, according to evidence from experts in the US.

    08 August 2011

  9. Supreme Court rejects Florida’s attempt to bypass hearing on experimental execution drug

    The US Supreme Court has refused a request by the state of Florida to lift a stay of execution for Manuel Valle, a Cuban citizen with close ties to Spain, ahead of this week’s ruling on the controversial new execution drug with which the state plans to kill him.

    02 August 2011

  10. Experimental execution drug set to be used for first time in three US states

    Experimental execution drug set to be used for first time in three US states

    28 July 2011

  11. Florida stays execution of Manuel Valle due to cruelty concerns with new drug

    Florida has stayed the execution of Manuel Valle to allow a hearing on whether the use of a new execution drug will cause him unnecessary pain, in violation of the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

    26 July 2011


    Clemency letter to Governor Scott:


    Office of Governor Rick Scott

    State ofFlorida

    The Capitol

    400 S. Monroe St.




    Fax: +1 850 487 0801



    Dear Governor Scott,




    I appeal to you to do everything in your power to see that clemency is granted to Manuel Valle.  Mr. Valle is currently under warrant and his latest stay of execution is due to be lifted on 8 September 2011, for the 1978 murder of a Coral Gables Police Officer. Mr. Valle is 61 years old, he has been on death row for 33 years – more than half his life – and has never been offered a meaningful clemency process. He is due to be executed using a new lethal injection cocktail which has never been medically tested or approved,putting him at risk of grave pain and suffering.


    The length of time spent on death row combined with the lack of clemency process and the experimental and potentially torturous execution procedure makes this a serious violation of Mr. Valle’s fundamental human rights. For this reason,I ask you to exercise your discretion and grant a reprieve in his case.


    The United States Supreme Court has stated that clemency is the “fail-safe” of our criminal justice system. There is a clear and unequivocal right to a fair and meaningful clemency process in international, federal and state law. That process must occur before any execution can be considered. Failure to grant such a process violates international minimum standards of due process.


    Mr. Valle’s execution is due to be carried out using the sedative drug,pentobarbital. Pentobarbital was not designed for use in surgical anaesthesia,and both medical experts and the manufacturer agree that use in executions could cause grave pain and suffering. Recent news reports have shown that executions using pentobarbital have failed to anaesthetize the prisoners concerned,leading to severe and prolonged agony. I urge you to do what you can to spare Mr. Valle this final indignity and torture.


    I appeal to you to demonstrate your respect for justice and to afford Mr. Valle a commutation of sentence to life without parole.  Please take all measures necessary to stop the execution of Manuel Valle. Thank you for your time and attention to this serious matter.


    Yours sincerely,









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