ADOC: Alabama Death Row Inmate Commits Suicide




A man sentenced to death for a murder in Talladega County has apparently committed suicide onAlabama‘s death row.  William A. Snyder was found dead in his cell on Tuesday morning.

The Alabama Department of Corrections says an investigation is underway.  Snyer, 48, died in his cell at Holman Correctional Facility.  He had served more than 11 years on death row.

Snyder was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in Talladega County in April 2000.   He was convicted of three counts of capital murder for the 1995 killings of Nancy Burkhalter, Dixie Gaither and Carey Milton Gaither.

Brian Corbett, spokesperson for the Department of Corrections, did not say how Snyder died.  He said an autopsy is pending.


Photo: William A. SnyderPhoto: William A. Snyder (Alabama Department of Corrections)


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