Troy Davis speaks, in his possibly last interview




Prisoner speaks on his situation days before he is set to be executed

Over the last few days everybody within an earshot or keyboard has offered their words and opinions on the case of Troy Davis, the Georgia prisoner who was sentenced to the death penalty for killing a Savannah police officer, though a number of witnesses and jurors have recanted testimony and changed their minds. However, it’s rarely happened that we have heard from the man himself. But this past weekend Creative Loafing in Atlanta was able to submit questions to Davis via a family member.

Creative Loafing ATL writes:

CL: How do you feel?

Troy Davis: ” I feel blessed and at peace because God has blessed me through everyone that is fighting for me.”

CL: What would your message be for your supporters around the world?

TD: “Thank you for supporting me and my family I have been truly blessed by god through you all. Thank you for showing solidarity and continuing the good fight for humanity.”

CL: Are you scared?

TD: “No scared of what? I don’t fear the devil. God has blessed me through millions of people.”

CL: If you got out of jail what would you do?

TD: “Make sure my family is ok and well taken care of due to what they have been through the last 22 years and make sure my nephew and niece gets through college and gets a good education. I would also start a program with the state and 6th or 5th grade-level and talk to them and help them to understand the future and their goals.”

Troy Davis has been scheduled to be executed tonight at 7 p.m.


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