Troy Davis: Three more jurors would vote differently, Social media working




The global social media campaign for Troy Davis is working in that aside from Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles given petitions Thursday with over 660000 names of people asking Troy Davis be spared from execution that is scheduled for Wednesday, and hundreds of thousands demonstrating thoughout the world Friday  on International Troy Davis Solidarity Day, lawyers representing Davis now have sworn statements from three jurors who sentenced Davis to death in 1991 now expressing doubt and asking that Davis be spared the death penalty according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday.

“The lawyers say they also have obtained sworn statements from three jurors who sentenced Davis to death at his 1991 trial, but who now express doubt with their verdicts and are asking that Davis be spared the death penalty.”

Davis’ lawyers are telling the state Board of Pardons and Paroles there is too much doubt about the case to execute him Wednesday.

Wednesday is International Day of Peace, a day that could spark racial violence if the board dismisses the hundreds of thousands of pleas to not execute Davis according to Angela Davis on Thursday.

A ‘Doubt a Day’ Twitter Campaign working

USA Today’s report Friday, “Troy Davis’ death row case in Georgia goes Global,” states, “A social media campaign to stop an execution in Georgia next week is drawing support from hundreds of thousands of people around the world.”

“Celebrities, Nobel laureates and national leaders have joined the NAACP, Amnesty International and the grass-roots group to urge Georgia authorities to grant clemency to Troy Davis, who is scheduled to die by lethal injection Wednesday.”

“They are flooding Twitter with several tweets a minute, signing online petitions and, starting today, planning to rally around the country.

Amnesty International’s TooMuchDoubt Twitter campaign has gained support from people globally to spread the word about this injustice by tweeting a “Doubt a Day” about Troy’s story.  AI has stated to follow it @amnesty “for tweets or use some of these ‘doubts’ in your tweets”:

Georgia plans to execute #TroyDavis even though 10 witnesses say another man committed the crime

Juror: “If I knew then what I know now #TroyDavis would not be on death row.”

9 witnesses have signed affidavits implicating another suspect, not #TroyDavis.

75% of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA had witness misidentifications. #TooMuchDoubt

No physical evidence directly linked #TroyDavis to the murder.  The weapon was never found.

A witness:  “Troy never confessed to me…about the shooting. I made up the confession.” #TooMuchDoubt

Witness: “After a couple hours of the detectives…threatening me, I…told them what they wanted.”

Witness: “the officers gave me a statement I signed it. I did not read it because I cannot read.”

In 2010, a witness testified that he saw his own relative (not #TroyDavis) shoot the policeman.

Witness:  Other suspect “told me he shot a police officer & that a guy named Davis took the fall” (Cited in: Joan Baez: Save Troy Davis from death penalty in days”)

When a new execution date was set last week for Wednesday, celebrities John LegendMia FarrowBianca JaggerJoan Baez and Indigo Girls mobilized, most of whom are tweeting under AI’s #TooMuchDoubt.

Members of Congress including fifty-one lawmakers organized by Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson, both Georgia Democrats, signed a letter to the parole board asking for Davis’ clemency according to AJC.

Monday, the Board of Parole and Pardons is scheduled to consider Davis’ request for clemency during a hearing.

“The five-member board has the sole authority in Georgia to commute a death sentence to life in prison without parole on life with parole. The board has not said when it will issue its decision as to whether Davis should live or die, reported the ACJ.

In a closed-door session, the board will first hear from Davis’ legal team and its witnesses in a closed-door session. Then they will hear from prosecutors and their witnesses.

 “We are hopeful that Georgia will take this opportunity — as many other states have done — to show that the integrity of capital punishment is best preserved by reserving it for cases where no doubt exists as to the guilt of the accused,” one of Davis’ lawyers, Jason Ewart, said.

“In light of the doubt cast on Troy Davis’s guilt by all the new evidence and witness testimony in this case, the execution of Troy Davis will only weaken the perception of the legitimacy and fairness of our criminal justice system and capital punishment in particular.”

Kimberly Davis, sister of Troy Davis, has said that his “family has a strong faith and that her brother has not been talking about the execution” reported AJC.

“Kimberly Davis says her brother has a strong center. When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 14, paralyzed and not expected to live, he left high school and signed up for night courses so he could take her to physical therapy and prod her out of her wheelchair.
“When I think of my brother, that’s my hero,” says Kimberly Davis, who lives in Savannah. “We’re standing on our faith.”

This International Peace Day, Wednesday, will be celebrated more joyously if work of hundreds of thousands of human rights defenders at rallies on International Troy Davis Solidarity Day on Friday plus all the other rights defending elected officials know that in this case, justice prevailed.

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