California prisoners hunger strike





we are meeting at Gelson’s Market at 8330 W. Santa Monica Blvd. (At 2pm and then we’ll step off at 2:30 and walk to the House of Blues to be there by 3pm.)

If you click on the link below it will show you:

Gelsons Market is on Santa Monica Blvd. and Kings Rd. In West Hollywood.

Folks should park their cars one block south, on Kings Road – the 900 N. Block of Kings Rd. Folks can park there all day. Find a spot in the residential neighborhood.

Meet around 2pm! There will be a long three-four block walk up to Sunset Blvd.

Pelican Bay and CA State Prisoners Hunger Strike Set to Resume!

Monday, September 26

Protest at Obama Fundraiser! Wear Orange !

3pm sharp is when it starts, Monday, September 26, West Hollywood

House of Blues, 8430 Sunset Blvd (Sunset Blvd. & N. Olive Drive)

West Hollywood, CA Ph 213-840-5348 for information, keith

In an act of tremendous courage, for 20 days, from July 1 to July 20, 6,500 prisoners across California took part in an unprecedented hunger strike action, crossing racial lines, to demand an end to torture. On Monday, September 26, 2011 prisoners in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) at Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP) have declared they will resume their hunger strike.

We all got to be in West Hollywood on Monday, September 26 – to say no to torture of SHU prisoners in CA, no to the torture of prisoners in solitary confinement anywhere in the USA or around the world. WEAR ORANGE ! Bring your signs in support of the hunger striking prisoners and their 5 demands.

The resumption of the hunger strike is an extremely significant and extraordinary development. Many inmates put their health and lives on the line; many came close to death and experienced medical emergencies in July 2011. Millions of people outside the prison walls in the U.S. and worldwide learned about the tortuous conditions these prisoners face and thousands supported the demands of the prisoners in diverse ways.

Now the hunger strike of CA prisoners is set to resume Monday, September 26. What are the prisoner demands? To be treated as human beings; to end barbaric, inhumane conditions of imprisonment – particularly the SHU’s — and to stop long term solitary confinement as a form of torture. (5 core demands listed below.)

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is not only refusing to meet the prisoner’s demands, it is retaliating against those who participated in the hunger strike and mounting a public relations campaign to defend the barbaric conditions in the SHU.

We have a moral responsibility to act in a way commensurate with the justness of the prisoners’ demands and the urgency of the situation. A determined movement outside the walls of prison is urgently needed to expose and demand an end to these high-tech torture chambers called “SHU’s”. We aim to break into the media with this action!

Think about everything that makes you human… that keeps you physically and mentally alive… that connects you with the world and other people… that gives you a reason to live, to love, to learn and think…. All this is what the SHU tries to extinguish. In the SHU you’re locked up in a small, windowless concrete cell 23 hours a day, with minimum human contact and maximum sensory deprivation. Human rights groups in the U.S and internationally have documented the inhumane conditions – these are crimes against humanity. And the fact is tens of thousands of prisoners across the U.S. are being held in the kind of barbarous conditions the prisoners as Pelican Bay have so courageously rebelled against. We need to build massive political resistance to the injustice of mass incarceration – the outrage of its leading edge targeting oppressed nationality people — and the inhumanity of solitary confinement. Step out on Monday, September 26 and make a difference!


For information on long term solitary confinement and the SHU program, the hunger strike, and to get to support websites:


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