Situation in Pelican Bay SHU. Please share.










I recieved a letter today, from a Loved 1 in PB SHU*. He included, the General Chrono, that each inmate gets, everyday that they are involved in the Hunger Strike. It states, “A cell search revealed that the inmate DID or DID NOT (Circle one) have canteen items in his cell. DID NOT was circled. Name of Medical Person Contacted: A. Maynus. Date Inmate was last observed eating solid food: 9-25-2011. Date of Chrono: 10-04-2011. Inmate…. CDCR#…… missed his ninth consecutive meal. Per PBSP policy, NOM was deemed to be on a hunger strike. Per PBSP policy, medical and psychiatric services were notified.—– This is a pre-printed form, with the handwriting only on, dates, name, CDCR#, last observed eating, medical person contacted….all of that info was in hand writing. Im surprised, he was able to get this to me through the mail, as it has the Dr.’s Name on it, and they dont want anyone to have that information, BUT, we have it now….Dr. A. Maynus. I wanted to post this, to show what they recieve everyday, while on the strike. They dont do a blood pressure check, themometer check, pulse/ox check, heart beat count or weigh ins. That is not stated on the Chrono, but it is stated in the letter I recieved. He also stated, that the liquids, that are to be provided to them, the CO’s make it harder on the inmates that are considered “INDIGENT”. They will ask those inmates, Do you have money for this..hahaha… or This isnt free today, you better get your people to put some funds on your books, then they ACT like they are walking away, and not going to give it to them, but turn around and give it to them. I just want to quote one part of his letter, as it shows, PARTIALLY, what they are going thru, and he has been in the SHU since 1999…..” Based on the facts that CDC operates by thier specific guidelines, regardless. Once the publics attention fades away from conditions here, in the SHU, CDC will pretty much go back to its original operations, or it shall find loop holes to work around the scope of attention, or adopt policies based on safety and security concerns, when its not even of that nature. They will use that specific reason of safety to continue to keep us confined within the SHU, as it is “safer” for staff, other inmates and visitors. This is the systems primary objective, to keep the SHUs full, and that way they do not have to deal with us, we are deemed, “The worse of the worst”, and thier hopes, which they have vocally said to all of us, from time to time, is that we remain locked up in a box, and just rot away and there will be no proof of our existence, except the files, they have here, on each of us. Julie, please tell others of our existence, we are still here, we are still alive, please dont ever forget us!!! Please tell all that you are in correspondence with, that we need prayers right now, as in my eyes, God is our only hope for future existence!! ” —— Powerful , sad and I just feel so helpless, and I believe PRAYER, as he says, is the only thing I can do for him, right now!!! So, as he said, PLEASE pray for them, for ALL the reasons he mentioned and for them being on this Hunger Strike, that they ALL get thru this safely and peacefully!!! Thank you, for taking the time to read all of this, but I felt, it was VERY important to get his words out, as he speaks for not just himself, but for ALL SHU inmates.

*This letter was not written to me, but I have full permission to use it.


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