A message from Juan Melendez







Today is my TENTH re-birthday. Ten years ago today I was released from death row after 18 years, having been convicted and sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit. To help support my work and in honor of my Tenth re-birthday, please consider a small donation of $10 through paypal: jmelendez1781@yahoo.com or by mail at 4205 Rancho Grande Pl, NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120. If enough generousdonations are received, I will be able to participate in a speaking tour where I will share my story directly with thousands of people and with thousands more through media coverage. If insufficient funds are raised for a tour, your generous contribution will still be helpful. For every $100 raised, I will be able to speak at a public high-school or middle-school where funding for speakers is non-existent and students otherwise would not have an opportunity to hear my story. Only through outreach to our youth can we truly change the psyche of our nation. As Gandhi said “if we are to teach real peace in this world, we must begin with the children.” Thank you for your support

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