Convicted killer Gary Haugen to challenge governor’s reprieve on execution








Convicted killer Gary Haugen said Tuesday he will challengethe Oregon governor’s reprieve of his execution. 

KOIN reporter Kacey Montoya spoke to the 49-year-old face-to-face on death row Tuesday afternoon, a month after his canceled execution date.

Haugen’s Dec. 6, 2011 execution was put on hold, indefinitely, when Governor John Kitzhaber declared a moratorium on the death penalty on Nov. 22.

“Where is the morality in selling the drug so someone else can get killed?” Haugen asked of Kitzhaber, after learning the Oregon Department of Corrections was trying to sell the $18,000 lethal injection drugs purchased for Haugen’s execution.

“If the Department of Corrections is attempting to sell the drug to another state, then he is killing by proxy,” Haugen said.

Haugen’s fight to die has cost Oregon taxpayers more than $1.2M over the past five years in legal fees, attorney bills and preparations for the execution.

In 2007, Haugen was sentenced to death in Marion County for the murder of a fellow inmate, David Polin, at the Oregon State Penitentiary. At the time of Polin’s murder, Haugen was serving a sentence for the 1981 murder of Mary Archer, his girlfriend’s mother.

Haugen is the third death row inmate in the last 30 years to waive his appeals and ask to die. The first two were granted their wishes by Kitzhaber during his first two terms as governor.


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