Nebraska Supreme Court sets execution date for Michael Ryan









Former religious cult leader Michael Ryan has a date with death.

The Nebraska Supreme Court has set Ryan’s execution date for March 6th of this year. Ryan, 63, was convicted and sentenced to death for the sadistic torture and murder of James Thimm at the cult’s compound in Rulo in 1985. Ryan brutally tortured Thimm before killing him. Afterward, Ryan partially skinned Thimm. Ryan also was convicted to killing 5-year-old Luke Stice, the son of a cult member.

Attorney General Jon Bruning released the following written statement after the Supreme Court decision to set an execution date for Ryan.

“In light of today’s Nebraska Supreme Court ruling setting the execution date for Mr. Ryan, the State will make all necessary preparations to carry out the sentence.”

At a gathering with news reporters in his office earlier this week, Bruning suggested that Ryan might be the most brutal murderer in Nebraska history.

“Mr. Ryan’s execution is long past due,” Bruning told reporters. “Mr. Ryan earned the ultimate penalty by committing perhaps the most heinous murder in Nebraska history.”…-michael-ryan/


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