‘We’ll catch them, it’s just a matter of time’ MS AG launches manhunt for pardoned prisoners

A manhunt may be launched for four murderers who ‘hit the ground running’ after being pardoned  and released from prison, according to authorities.

Mississippi’s Attorney-General Jim Hood also temporarily blocked the release of 21 inmates who had controversially been given pardons or medical release by Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour in one of his final acts in office.

Mr Hood told CNN: ‘We’ll catch them. It’s just a matter of time.’

The injunction was issued from the attorney-general over some of the Republican Governor’s actions – after he granted pardons or early release for around 200 criminals.

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Controversial: Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour spent his final days in office granting pardons or early release to around 200 people - including more than two dozen convicted killersControversial: Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour spent his final days in office granting pardons or early release to around 200 people – including more than two dozen convicted killers

Mr Hood said he believed Mr Barbour might have violated the state constitution by pardoning some inmates, who failed to give enough public notice that they wanted to have their records cleared.

The pardons included four convicted murderers and a convicted armed robber who were released last Sunday. Their whereabouts were not known since they left jail.

Mr Hood said the state was unable issue arrest warrants because crimes were not known to have been committed.

The lawmaker told CNN: ‘They have a legal document saying they are free to go… This is such a unique problem that no law has ever had to address yet.’

The Mississippi Constitution says any inmate seeking a pardon must publish notice about his intentions in a local newspaper 30 days before it can be granted by the governor.

Circuit Judge Tomie Green issued the injunction. But Mr Barbour said last night – just a day after leaving office – he believes people misunderstood why he gave reprieves to more than 200 inmates.

jennifer wilder sexual battery.jpg

Criminal past: Jennifer Wilder, left, was pardoned for sexual battery, and Rheon Mcshepard, right, was given a medical/conditional suspension of sentence following his murder/homicide sentencing in 1996


Mr Barbour is not the first politician to court controversy by pardoning criminals – although it’s rarely been seen on this scale before.

Marc Rich

Bill Clinton caused a storm
by pardoning Marc Rich (right), who was in a huge
tax evasion and fraud case, on his last day as president.

It was believed this pardon was thanks to more than $1.5million donated by Mr Rich’s ex-wife Denise to the Democratic Party and Clinton Library. But Mr Clinton insisted it was for legal reasons.

Nine men were executed during Mr Barbour’s time in office – but he gave the gift of life to around 200 criminals by pardoning them or giving them an early release.

Mississippi governors have the right to issue full pardons, but none in the past have granted this many pardons to so many criminals. His predecessor Ronnie Musgrove issued just one.

Most criminals received full pardons, while others received suspended sentences because of medical conditions.

Mr Barbour said 189 of the inmates had already completed their incarceration.

He was limited to two terms and issued the list on Tuesday about the time his successor, Republican Phil Bryant, was being inaugurated. Mr Barbour wouldn’t talk about the pardons on Tuesday.

But on Wednesday he explained: ‘The pardons were intended to allow them to find gainful employment or acquire professional licences as well as hunt and vote.

‘My decision about clemency was based upon the recommendation of the Parole Board in more than 90 per cent of the cases.’

The pardons angered some of his supporters, including conservatives who say the actions tarnished his legacy. It has also created concerns that his decisions may make Mississippi look backwards.

Yet Mr Barbour is unlikely to face political repercussions from the decisions.

He doesn’t expect to run for any elected office, nor does he expect to be chosen as a GOP vice-presidential nominee.

His spokesman could not immediately comment about Judge Green’s decision to temporarily block release of the 21 inmates. It was not clear how many of the 21 are convicted killers.

Section 124 of the Mississippi Constitution says any inmate seeking a pardon must publish notice about his intentions.

Before the governor can grant it, the notice must appear 30 days in a newspaper in or near the county where the person was convicted.

Mr Hood said it’s not clear whether all the inmates pardoned by Mr Barbour met the publication requirement, and that he believes it’s likely that some did not.

‘It’s unfortunate Governor Barbour didn’t read the constitution,’ Mr Hood said on Wednesday.

A Mississippi Department of Corrections spokesman said five inmates let out over the weekend are the only ones on Mr Barbour’s list who had been released as of Wednesday evening.

Temporary block: Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood said he believes Barbour might have violated the state constitution and has moved to temporarily block their releasesTemporary block: Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood said he believes Barbour might have violated the state constitution and has moved to temporarily block their releases

She said the 21 were still in custody because processing paperwork generally takes several days and state law requires the department to give victims 48 hours’ notice before an inmate is released.

Each of the five inmates released this past weekend had worked as a trustee at the Governor’s Mansion. They include David Gatlin, convicted of killing his estranged wife in 1993.

‘The pardons were intended to allow them to find gainful employment or acquire professional licences as well as hunt and vote’

Haley Barbour

Also out were Joseph Ozment, convicted in 1994 of killing a man during a robbery; Anthony McCray, convicted in 2001 of killing his wife; and Charles Hooker, sentenced to life in 1992 for murder.

Nathan Kern was the fifth – sentenced to life in 1982 for burglary after at least two prior convictions Each of the five men published legal notices in local newspapers within the past month.

The family of Ozment’s victim Ricky Montgomery were ‘devastated’ to hear of his release on Sunday.

‘We go through this and it’s reliving it over again and again, when I don’t think the general public has any idea of the things these convicts are doing,’ Mr Montgomery’s nephew Mark McAbee told WAPT.

Mr Hood said several of his staff members spent hours on Wednesday calling newspapers and checking whether others on the clemency list published their notices in advance.


Off: Anthony Sansing, left, got a complete and unconditional pardon for murder, and Aaron Brown, right, got the same for his conviction for murder, having a concealed weapon and possession of a controlled substance

He said Judge Green agreed to his request to require each of the five who have been released to appear in court to prove they met the publication requirement.

‘It’s unfortunate Governor Barbour didn’t read the constitution’

Attorney General Jim Hood

He did not say where or when those appearances would take place. Relatives of the killers’ victims said they were outraged by the release, and some said they’re worried for their own safety.

Mr Barbour, a former Republican National Committee chairman, considered running for president this year but said last April that he would skip the race because he didn’t have the ‘fire in the belly.’

The 64-year-old is now on the paid speakers’ circuit and is also working for a Jackson-area law firm and for BGR, the Washington lobbying firm he founded two decades ago.

State records released on Tuesday showed some of those given pardons or early release were rapists, murderers and child sex offenders.

David Gatlin has been freed
Joseph Ozment received a full pardon

Freed: David Gatlin, left, and Joseph Ozment, right, received full pardons from Governor Haley Barbour

Among those getting the controversial full pardons was the brother of former NFL quarterback and Southern Miss standout Brett Favre.

Earnest Scott Favre had his record cleared in the 1996 death of his best friend, Mark Haverty.

Earnest Scott Favre, brother of pictured NFL quarterback Brett Favre, was pardonedEarnest Scott Favre, brother of pictured NFL quarterback Brett Favre, was pardoned

Favre had driven in front of a train in Pass Christian while drunk, pleaded guilty in 1997, and was sentenced to a year of house arrest followed by two years’ probation.

One of the men freed this weekend, David Gatlin, walked into the trailer of his estranged wife, Tammy Ellis Gatlin, and shot her in the head as she held their two-month-old child in 1993.

Gatlin was found guilty of murder, aggravated assault and burglary and sentenced to life in prison.

In a separate case, Joseph Ozment was convicted in 1994 of murder, conspiracy and armed robbery after shooting dead shop clerk Ricky Montgomery, 33, as he worked.

Both inmates were at minimum security level and were working as trusties at the governor’s mansion – roles granted based on good behaviour.

Other former inmates freed include Anthony McCray, convicted in 2001 of killing his wife; Charles Hooker, sentenced to life in 1992 for murder; and Nathan Kern, sentenced to life in 1982 for burglary after at least two prior convictions.

In addition to those convicted of manslaughter and murder, Mr Barbour also granted early release to people convicted of DUI deaths, burglary, kidnapping and drug crimes. Many of the people were already out of prison or otherwise free.

But on the way into the Mississippi House chamber for the inauguration of his successor, Republican Phil Bryant, Mr Barbour refused to comment on the pardons or the fury of the victims’ families.

Official pardon: Favre had driven in front of a train in Pass Christian while drunk, pleaded guilty in 1997, and was sentenced to a year of house arrest followed by two years' probationOfficial pardon: Favre had driven in front of a train in Pass Christian while drunk, pleaded guilty in 1997, and was sentenced to a year of house arrest followed by two years’ probation

‘It’s Phil Bryant’s day,’ Mr Barbour said in response to repeated questions about what he would say to the victims’ relatives.

‘We go through this and it’s reliving it over again and again, when I don’t think the general public has any idea of the things these convicts are doing’

Mark McAbee

On Monday, state officials revealed that Mr Barbour had given pardons to five men and that they had been released.

Relatives of crime victims had voiced outrage Monday after it was revealed that Mr Barbour had pardoned four convicted murderers.

Those men had worked at the Governor’s Mansion as part of a prison trusty programme.

The Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office released a complete list of pardons and other executive actions on Mr Barbour’s last day on Tuesday.

The governor had served two terms and couldn’t run again due to term limits.

Mr Barbour had released five other convicted killers in 2008. One of them had been granted a conditional release and was pardoned this time.

larry roby
larry harper

Mugshots: Larry Darnel Roby, left, was pardoned for murder and racketeering, while Larry Harper, right, was pardoned for homicide, aggravated assault and felony possession of a weapon

charles hooker

New beginnings: Charles Hooker, left, and Anthony McCray, right, were pardoned for murder by the governor

The list released on Tuesday shows Barbour also granted a full pardon to Azikiwe Kambule.


  • Michael Graham, whose sentence Mr Barbour suspended in 1998 and whom he pardoned on Tuesday. He was convicted of shooting his ex-wife in 1989 at point-blank range in Pascagoula
  • Clinton Jason Moffitt of Hickory Flat, who was convicted in June 2009 of conspiracy to commit voter fraud. Moffitt was among 16 people indicted on fraud charges stemming from the 2007 elections in Benton County. In July 2009, Moffitt was sentenced to five years in prison with two years to serve, two suspended and one under house arrest
  • Victor Collins, convicted of fatally beating his girlfriend, Peggy Campbell, in Marshall County in 1994, after Collins was released from jail on larceny charges Campbell had filed against him
  • Released two sisters on the condition that one donate a kidney to the other. Jamie and Gladys Scott had served nearly 16 years of their life sentences for an armed robbery when they were released from a prison in Mississippi in January 2011. He granted Jamie an early release because she suffers from kidney failure. He agreed to let Gladys go because she came up with the idea of giving her sister a kidney

He was a South African man whose manslaughter conviction in a 1996 Mississippi carjacking and slaying drew international attention because he was a teenager when the crime was committed and prosecutors had originally sought the death penalty.

In June 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Kambule, who wanted to withdraw his guilty plea.

Prosecutors said Kambule and Santonia Berry killed social worker Pamela McGill in Madison County on January 25, 1996, because they wanted the Jackson woman’s red 1993 Dodge Stealth sports car.

Her body was found nine weeks later when Berry led authorities to it. Defence lawyers said there was no evidence Kambule fired the shots that killed McGill.

In another case, Mr Barbour gave conditional clemency to Karen Irby, a socialite who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a 2009 wreck that killed two young physicians who were engaged to each other.

Irby, of Jackson, admitted in court that she had two glasses of wine and was going faster than the speed limit when she drove her car into oncoming traffic in northeast Jackson.

The Mercedes-Benz driven by Irby hit a pickup truck driven by Dr Mark Pogue. His fiancee, Dr Lisa Dedousis, was a passenger in Dr Pogue’s truck. Both physicians were killed.

In March 2010, Irby, then 39, pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter. In May 2010, she was sentenced to 18 years for each count, with the prison terms to run at the same time.

Mr Barbour released Irby on the condition that she serve three years of house arrest and two years after that under Department of Corrections supervision.


Pardons: South Mississippi lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to reduce Haley Barbour's constitutional clemency powers in 2008Pardons: South Mississippi lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to reduce Haley Barbour’s constitutional clemency powers in 2008

This is not the first time Governor Haley Barbour has pardoned criminals.

Others, listed below, were also enrolled in the prison ‘trusty’ program which allows convicts to perform odd jobs around the governor’s mansion based on their good behaviour.

South Mississippi lawmakers unsuccessfully attempted to reduce Barbour’s constitutional clemency powers in 2008.

Bobby Hays Clark shot his ex-girlfriend in the neck in 1996 and was sentenced to 38 years in jail. But just 12 years after the crime, Barbour pardoned him without notifying the family of the victim.

Michael David Graham shot his ex-wife point-blank while she waited at a traffic light in 1989. Barbour suspended Graham’s life sentence, and he was released.

Clarence Jones stabbed his ex-girlfriend 22 times in 1992 and was sentenced to life – until Barbour pardoned him in 2008.

Paul Joseph Warnock shot his girlfriend in the back of his head as she slept in 1989. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1993 but also pardoned in 2008.

William James Kimble was also freed despite a life sentence for robbing and murdering an elderly man in 1991.


Paul Joseph Warnock Murder
Michael Graham Murder
Bobby Hayes Clark Manslaughter
Clarence Jones Murder
Willie James Kimble Murder
Jamie Scott Robbery with Deadly Weapon
Gladys Scott Robbery with Deadly Weapon
Michael J. Jones Sale of a Controlled Substance
Nathan Kern Robbery
David Gatlin Murder, Aggravated Assault, Burglary
Charles Hooker Murder
Anthony McCray Murder
Joseph Ozment Murder, Conspiracy and Armed Robbery
Michael Davie Graham Murder
Victor C. Collins Murder
Larry Darnel Roby Murder, Racketeering
Booker T. Barnes Murder
Anthony Sansing Murder
Jimmy Lee Avera Murder
Steven Charles Adams Grand Larceny and Possession of Cocaine
Donald Dwight Adcock Arson
Thomas Ailes Unlawful Sale of Controlled Substance
Mark Hubbard Allen Vehicular Homicide
Patricia Amacker False Pretense, Felony & Misdemeanor
Michael Clinton Armstrong Attempted Enticement of a Child for Sexual Purposes
William Antoin Bardwell Sale of Marijuana, Less Than One Ounce
Robert King Barq Possession of a Controlled Substance
Thomas Holt Beasley Sale of Marijuana, Sale of Cocaine
Melanie Suzanne Beelond Possession of Cocaine
Larry Bell Escape from Custody, Charge of Felonuy
Vincent Cardell Bell Murder, Accessory After the Fact
Frank Delomme Borders Jr. Burglary
Harry Russ Bostick DUI 3rd offense
Lee Brackeen Jr. Shooting a Firearm into a Dwelling, Poss. Of Chemicals with Attempt to Manufacture/Distribute
Karlton Lee Bradley Possession of Cocaine/Sale with Intent
Dwight E. Breland Possession of Controlled Substance
Bobby Neal Brown Burglary
Douglas Duane Burcham Auto Burglary & Grand Larceny
Aaron Clay Butler Conspiracy to Sell Marijuana
Henry Preston Byrd Robbery
John Springer Buchanan Sale of Controlled Substance
Jeanette Walker Cain Uttering Forgery
Buster Caldwell Rape and Armed Robbery
Bobby Ray Camp Burglary and Larceny of a Building
Daniel Caleb Campbell Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine
Gerald Calhoun Possession of a Controlled Substance
Kenneth Carver Burglary
Perry Lee Cauthen Conspiracy to Commit Larceny & Grand Larceny
Jess Cessna Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling; Aggravated Assault
Andrew Camphor Robbery
Michael Lawrence Collum House Burglary
Ryan Jeremiah Cooper Prescription Forgery
James Richard Chenault Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell
Nathaniel Cunningham Jr. Felony False Pretense
Allison Bernadette Dazet Burglary
Stanley Duncan Grand Larceny
Peggy Sue Eiland Forgery
Earnest Scott Favre DUI Causing Death
Russell Glen Ferguson Aggravated Assault
Mark Steven Ford Burglary
Jamie Donald Franks Aggravated DUI
Aubrey Orlando Fratesi Obtaining Controlled Substance By Deception;

Prescription Fraud

Randy Scott Fortenberry Manslaughter
Rock Allen Gerald Sale of Marijuana
Gregg Patrick Gibbes Aggravated DUI Death
Latisha R. Gilbert Embezzlement
Mabrie C. Gilmer Manslaughter
Norman Dwayne Givens Burglary of a House
Matthew Nelson Godfrey Conspiracy to Commit Grand Larceny
Sharrion Patrice Grant Aggravated Assault
James Leslie Grantham Possession of Precursor Chemicals
Thomas Anthony Graziousi Auto Burglary; Grand Larceny
Robert Brian Gregg Manslaughter (Culpable Negligence); DUI Injury
Louis Edwin Griffin Jr. Homicide
Ashley Seymour Gunter Burglary of an Automobile
Jeffery Lee Haire Possession of a Controlled Substance
Barbara Hamilton Burglary of a Residence and Robbery
James Larry Hankins Armed Robbery
Wayne Thurman Harris Sale of Marijuana
Kevin Jerome Hatches Possession of Cocaine
Daniel Wayne Hendon Robbery
Kimario Kuhron Hentz Armed Robbery
William Eric Henderson Kidnapping
Sim Collins Holifield Grand Larceny
Hunter Olin Hope Sale of 20 MM of Testosterone
Jesse Octavia Houston Embezzlement
Joshua L. Howard Statutory Rape
Benjamin Earl Hussey Sale of a Controlled Substance
John D. Jackson Strong Arm Robbery
Jerome Francis Jackson Burglary and Larceny of an Automobile
Pamela Yvette Jackson Strong Armed Robbery
Phillip Jackson DUI Homicide
Michael S. James Possession of a Controlled Substance
April Michelle Johnson Embezzlement
Shundrell Johnson Aggravated Assault
Thomas Cole Kendall Gratification of Lust
Tammy Kay Swanson Uttering Forgery
Michael Derek Knauss Possession of Stolen Property
Christopher Clark Kolb Sale of Hydrocodone
Anon LaDell Jordan Burglary of a Dwelling
Roy Michael Latham Manslaughter
Bobby Joe Lee Sale of Marijuana
Terry James Lee Burglary & Larceny of a Dwelling
Mary Brower Forgery
Ernest Carl Lowery Jr. House Burglary; Uttering a Forgery
Herbert Lowery Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deliver
Amy Douglas Love Uttering Forgery; Burglary of an Automobile
Kevin Bandouglas


Unlawful Sale of Marijuana
John Earl McCool Felony Crime of Possession of Precursor Chemicals with Intent to Manufacture Methamphetamine
Jimmy McNeese Possession of Precursor Chemicals
Martin Miller Jack Felony Bad Check
Michael Arlen Matthew Burglary
Clinton Jason Moffitt Conspiracy to Commit Voter Fraud
John Becket Monaghan Sale of Controlled Substance
Charles Wesley Newby Possession of a Firearm by Convicted Felon; Grand Larceny; Aggravated Assault
David Willard Newcomb Possession of Crystal Meth with Intent Within 1500 Feet of a Church; Manufacture of Crystal Meth Within 1500 Feet of a Church
Justin Wade Nunnery Possession of Methamphetamine
Perry Tyson Owen Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell, Transfer or Distribute
Danny Lamar Peacock Burglary of an Automobile
Shirley Peters Sale of a Controlled Substance
Zachary Kane Polk Sale of a Controlled Substance
Corey Powell Burglary of a Business
Richard Earl Price Aggravated Assault
Constance Renee Pruitt Aggravated Assault
Lisa Ralston Brogdon Conspiracy and Burglary of Dwelling
Kenneth Bernard Ratliff Sale of Cocaine
Shelly Ann Ray (Self) Manufacturing Methamphetamine & Possession of Methamphetamine
Norman Lee Redo Possession of Controlled Substance
Samuel Wade Reid Burglary of a Dwelling
Katherine Robertson Aggravated Assault
Roslyn Murray Robertson Conspiracy to Commit a False Pretense; False Pretense
Everett Franklin Rodgers Murder and Aggravated Assault
John Montrell Rose Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute
Barry James Sanderson Jr. Kidnapping
Demetries Andre Sanford Armed Robbery
Dawn Renee Schaefer Embezzlement; Shoplifting; Conspiracy to Commit Crime of Felony Shoplifting
Jason Todd Shivers Sale of LSD
Perry Lee Sims Grand Larceny
Justin O’Keefe Smith DUI Death
Linda Gale Smith Forgery
Leslie Carlton Smith Robbery with a Deadly Weapon
Patricia Diane Southerland Embezzlement
Billy Ray Sims Possession of Marijuana
Scott McLean Smith Sale of Amphetamine
Shirley Ann Smith Embezzlement
Robert Edward Stanfield Sale of a Controlled Substance
Robert D. Stakley Uttering Forgery
Tyrone Steele Sale of Marijuana
Clemmie Rogers Stewart Jr. Embezzlement
Thomas Stewart Receiving Stolen Property
Neil Fowler Strickland Burglary and Larceny of an Automobile; Burglary and Larceny
Wesley Dwayne Spears Burglary of a Storehouse
Robin Creel Speath Burglary of an Inhabited Dwelling
Emma Stuckey Manslaughter
Paul James Sullivan Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
Kevin Bradley Tabereaux Sale of Cocaine; DUI Homicide
Mitchell Travis Tanksley Larceny of Cattle
Kirby Glenn Tate Possession of Marijuana with Intent; Possession of

Oxycodone; Delivery of Marijuana

Jimmy Lee Thomas Burglary of a Business
Samuel Tisdale Jr. Manslaughter
Steven A. Thompson Bribery and or Attempted Bribery
Alice Triplett Embezzlement
Clarence Crawford Tyer Jr. Possession of Stolen Property
Leton Cellious Upchurch Attempted Enticement of a Child for Prostitution
Marion Lee Upchurch Jr. Burglary of a Dwelling House; Felony Possession of a Firearm
Joel Warren Vann DUI Death
Chelley Lee Wade Manslaughter (2 counts)
Burton Hill Walden DUI Death
Bobby Gene Wallace Aggravated Assault
Donna Meshea Walters DUI Third Offense
Anthony Maxwell West Embezzlement
Narquita Watson Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery; Accessory After Fact to Capital Murder
Aaron D. Williams Aggravated Assault
Corey Dean Williams Sale of Controlled Substance; Possession of


Carol Denise Williams Forged False or Fraudulent Prescription
Shirley Ann Winston Forgery
Ralph Edward Worthy Sale of Marijuana
Charles Edward Yates Jr. Unlawful Possession of Precursor Chemicals; Possession of Methamphetamine
Charles Jerome Young Receiving Stolen Property
Betty Jean Linston Sale of Marijuana
Hardy McCormick Jr. Sale of Marijuana and Receiving Stolen Property
James Lewis Black Armed Robbery
Edith Watts Delivery of a Controlled Substance
Curtis Thomas Statutory Rape
Danny Joe Stapleton Possession of Controlled Substance with Intent
Johnny Lee Nettles Aggravated Assault
Annie Pearl Rash Uttering Forgery
John Davis Robbery
Travis Orlando Hill Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute
Tawanda Jackson Manslaughter, Armed Robbery and Kidnapping
Rheon McShepard Homicide or Murder
Melissa Ann Cooper Sale of Controlled Substance
Jesse Buie Felony DUI
Nichelle Elaine Brandon Aggravated Assault
Daniel Mac Dobbins Possession of Marijuana
Karen Irby Manslaughter (2 Counts)
Judy Lynn Eichelberger


Conspiracy to Commit Forgery
Ellis Ray Mooneyham Burglary of a Dwelling
Leon Turner Murder
Derrick Lynn Guiton Homicide/Murder; Simple Assault
Walter James McKee Armed Robbery
Eldridge Dean Bonds Forcible Sexual Battery
Thomas Levi Howell Sale of Embezzlement; Burglary
Harold L. Miller III Manslaughter
Reggie Rogers Felony DUI
John Mitchell Sale of Controlled Substance
Emily Rebecca Hentz Conspiracy to Manufacture Methamphetamine; Attempt to Manufacture Methamphetamine
Aaron Brown Murder; Concealed Weapon; Possession of a

Controlled Substance

Carol Pinkston Burglary
Guy Blan Newcomb Sale of Cocaine
Marion Thompson Armed Robbery
Larry Harper Homicide; Aggravated Assault; Felony Possession of a Weapon
Kelly Bellapani Possession of a Controlled Substance
Jennifer Wilder Sexual Battery
Azikiwe Kambule Accessory After the Fact to Murder; Armed


Douglas Hunter Heindman Cyberstalking
Larry Booker Uttering Forgery
Lindsay Kathryn Welch Manslaughter (Culpable Negligence)
Steven Todd Thompson Domestic Violence
Brenda Louise Travis Felony Shoplifting
Patricia L. Simpson Manslaughter
Robert Henderson Receiving Stolen Property; Possession of Cocaine

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