Help Harvey Windsor on Alamaba Death Row









Why This Is Important

The failure to provide adequate counsel to capital defendants and death row prisoners is a defining feature of the American death penalty. Whether a defendant will be sentenced to death typically depends more on the quality of his legal team than any other factor. While some lawyers have provided outstanding representation to capital defendants, few defendants facing capital charges can afford to hire an attorney, so they are appointed attorneys who are frequently overworked, underpaid, and/or inexperienced in trying death penalty cases. In some cases, lawyers representing defendants in capital trials have slept through parts of trial, shown up in court intoxicated, and failed to do any work at all in preparation for the sentencing phase. Alabama is the only state in the country without a state-funded program to provide legal assistance to death row prisoners. There is no state-wide public defender program in the state and, in some counties, defendants have been sentenced to death after trials where they were represented by a lawyer who did not meet even the minimum requirement of five years of criminal defense experience. Over half of the 200 people on Alabama’s death row were represented at trial by appointed lawyers whose compensation for out-of-court preparation was capped at $1000



Welcome to Harvey Windsor life

Seven people have been exonerated in Alabama. Walter McMillian, Randall Padgett, Gary Drinkard, Louis Griffin, Wesley Quick, James Cochran, and Charles Bufford are among those found not guilty of the crimes that originally put them on Alabama’s death row. The astounding error rate in capital punishment is a serious indictment against the death penalty.

I am asking you to please review Harvey Lee Windsor’s case as if Mr Windsor had the right Counsel then he would not be sat on Death Row in Alabama for a crime he did not commit for 23 years.

All Harvey is asking for is a fair and HONEST lawyer who will represent him and get all evidence in his case heard by a judge who will read his full transcripts.

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One response to “Help Harvey Windsor on Alamaba Death Row

  1. If you look at all the cases he has brought up. He has had several times to bring things to the attention of the court. But, none of the times does he declare his innocence. All he ever brings up is bad counsel or something else. He would be doing time for my Uncle but if not for a statement by the Pros. One in which his counsel used to appeal. He would be on for both. How is a man innocent when he was saw leaving the scene. He was seen in the car. Found with my Uncles wallet and the gun was in the car. Have this removed. Find someone who deserves to be stood up for. He does not.

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