Save Larry Matthew Puckett (petition)








Matt’s appeal to the US Supreme Court to hear his case was denied on Tuesday, February 21. On that same day an appeal was turned in to the MS Supreme Court to hear new information about his case. Also on Tuesday the MS Attorney General, Jim Hood, requested Matt’s execution date be set for March 21st. We now have to wait for the MS Supreme Court to make a decision on either looking into his appeal or setting this date. This petition is now more important than ever. IF they confirmed Matt’s execution date, the next step will be to turn the petition signatures and affidavits we’ve received in with his clemency application. We are NOT giving up. Please continue to sign and share Matt’s petition….the more signatures the better!!! Thank you


Why This Is Important

Larry Matthew Puckett was convicted of Capital Murder in August of 1996 and has been on Death Row at Parchman, MS since then. Matt and his family and friends have maintained his innocence from the beginning and have worked all this time to prove that he did not commit this horrible crime.

Matt was only 18 years old and until he was charged with this crime, he had never been in any kind of legal trouble. He was the first Eagle Scout ever at his high school and was honored for that distinction at an awards ceremony just days before he graduated from high school. He was a good loyal son and friend to all who knew him. When Matt was in his senior year of high school, his Dad suffered a heart attack and was unable to work for a time. Matt stepped up and not only went to school but worked and contributed his entire paycheck to help out until his Dad was able to return to work. Matt was scheduled to leave for the Navy the week after this crime was committed. He had everything going for him and no reason or motive to commit a murder.

Matt’s attorney’s have been working on his case diligently, but
unfortunately, we have reached a brick wall in every direction and time is running out for us to prove that Matt is innocent. Please sign this petition to help us save Matt’s life by asking the Governor of the State of Mississippi to commute Matt’s sentence from Death to Life without the possibility of parole. We would much rather see Matt freed entirely, but right now our only chance is for the Governor to grant this request. We need more time!!  UPDATE: The US Supreme Court declined to review Matt’s case on February 21, 2012. Tthe Mississippi Attorney General asked the Mississippi Supreme to set an execution date for March 21, 2012.  Barring a miracle, they will probably grant the request.

If you believe in Matt because you know him or because you know someone who knows and believes in him, please help us by signing this petition and encouraging others to sign.

You can also sign because you believe that the Death Penalty is wrong and that it should be abolished in the State of Mississippi and in the United States of America.



One response to “Save Larry Matthew Puckett (petition)

  1. May this comment be useful to help this man from being executed.. Death Penalty
    is very unfair . I can’t manage to understand why it is still in the United States. Ma
    ny countries have alredy abolished it. I have not seen anything in order to be able
    to put my signature but I want this comment to be taken tinto account in order to
    save Larry’s life.

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